Tactile Turn Seasonal Release – The Fairway

Does Tactile Turn make good pens?

Tactile Turn is quickly becoming one of my favorite pen brands. This past week I finally picked up Tactile Turn‘s current seasonal release – The Fairway. It cost $150, but I think it was money well spent. In this article, I want to quickly review and talk about this phenomenal pen! Tactile Turn Seasonal Releases … Read more

What Is So Special About Fountain Pens?

what is the smoothest fountain pen

Even though they have been kicking around since the early 1800s, fountain pens remain incredibly popular. The tech behind them hasn’t changed all that much either. Even in the face of far cheaper ballpoint pens, many people opt to pick up a good fountain pen, and there are several reasons why. Let’s take a look, … Read more

What Is Archival Ink?

what is archival ink

There are many different ink types out there. One that you may come across every so often is archival ink. So, what is it? How is archival ink different from other types of ink? That is exactly what we will take a look at on this page! What Is Archival Ink? Archival ink is a … Read more

LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen Review

lamy al-star fountain pen review

LAMY’s AL-Star Fountain Pen is one of its most popular sub-$50 fountain pens, but it gets surprisingly mixed reviews. The unique design has plenty to offer, but a few features give the pen a bad reputation. The Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen features a sturdy construction and sleek design. Between the fountain pen’s full size and … Read more