5 Tips On How To Erase Colored Pencil

Do you need to get colored pencil marks off of something? It’s not going to erase the way that a standard pencil will, but it is sometimes possible to remove it. Let’s find out how!

You can remove colored pencil marks using several different techniques, including a colored pencil eraser, using tape, using a kneaded eraser, using a vinyl eraser, or using another rubbery item like an elastic band. None of these are perfect and you may still see some color.

So, let’s find out more about how to remove colored pencils from a surface that you didn’t intend to color in. It’s not easy, but you can almost always reduce the mark, and possibly remove it!

How To Erase Colored Pencils

There are quite a few options that should work to erase colored pencil marks. Make sure you test whatever you are going to use on a separate sheet of paper first, and then work slowly and gently to avoid tearing or damaging your paper. It may take some persistence to get rid of marks, but it can be done!

You can erase colored pencil by using:

  • Ordinary tape
  • A colored pencil eraser
  • A vinyl eraser
  • A kneaded eraser
  • An elastic band

If you find that you are frequently needing to erase colored pencil, you might want to look into some colored pencils that have been specifically designed to be erasable. These Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils are a good option.

Using Tape

Did you know you can sometimes lift colored pencil off your paper using ordinary tape, or masking tape? This needs to be done with care so that you don’t tear the paper, but it is possible to remove the markings in this way.

To begin with, you may find that it helps to use an eraser on the mark first; this will loosen it and help to lift it out. Next, take a small piece of tape, about an inch long. Even if you wish to work on large marks, use small pieces of tape; it’s easier.

Place the tape on the paper and rub it across the pencil marks firmly, using your nail or another tool to press it down where the pencil is. Next, gently peel it off, being careful not to rip the paper or damage its surface. The color should cling to the tape.

You may also need to use erasers to remove the rest of the color, but this should help.

Using A Colored Pencil Eraser

Many dollar stores and art stores sell erasers specifically designed for removing colored pencil. These are usually inexpensive and should work on most kinds of colored pencils.

Before erasing the mark, test the eraser on a scrap piece of paper, or even consider adding some color to the scrap and rubbing the eraser back and forth across it. This should give you some idea of how the eraser works and how hard you need to press. Watch out for any smearing.

Use a clean part of the eraser when you move onto your main picture. Work slowly and gently, and be careful not to crease the paper. You will need to keep erasing, brushing away the shavings, and erasing a bit more.

This will help to take off a layer of the colored pencil at a time, and reduce the risk of you tearing the paper.

Using A Vinyl Eraser

A vinyl eraser may also work to get rid of some colors, and you can purchase them reasonably cheaply. These June Gold 10 Large White Vinyl Erasers could work for you. They are designed to minimize the risk of smudging or tearing.

Again, test the eraser first before using it on your main drawing, and remember to work slowly. If you try to rub vigorously across the paper, you are at risk of ripping it. Be patient and keep checking your progress. It may take some time to remove a heavy-colored line, but with work, you should at least be able to reduce it.

Using A Kneaded Eraser

Next, a kneaded eraser can work well, especially if you are removing fine lines. The kneaded eraser can be molded to suit the exact shape you require, so it’s perfect for delicate drawings and minor adjustments.

As before, test the eraser on some scrap paper so you get a feel for how to use it. When you’re ready, move on to the main picture.

Make sure you are using a clean edge of the eraser. As you work, the color will be transferred to the eraser, so fold the part you have used back into the main eraser, or rub it against a scrap piece of paper to remove it from the eraser. This will prevent it from being transferred back to the drawing in the form of a smudge.

You can keep folding small amounts of color back into the eraser and they will disperse, but large amounts should be removed onto scrap paper. Always use a clean edge of the eraser.

You can buy a 6-pack of June Gold Kneaded Rubber Erasers, and these should work on some kinds of colored pencils.

Using An Elastic Band

This method isn’t recommended if you have alternatives available, because it’s liable to smudge and could spoil your picture. However, if you’re feeling experimental or you’re desperate and have no other options, an elastic band will sometimes erase pencil and colored pencil.

Choose a clean elastic band and test it on some scrap paper. If it leaves smears, don’t use it on your main drawing. However, if it seems clean, start gently rubbing it against the pencil you wish to remove.

Keep turning the band so you’re using a clean edge, and work slowly and carefully until the colored pencil has disappeared.


So, that’s how to erase colored pencil! Hopefully, you have picked up a few ideas that will work to save your drawings when you slip or change your mind about a color you have used. Remember, these are unlikely to produce perfect results, but it’s worth trying. Work slowly so you don’t spoil your drawing.

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