6 Great Pens for Writing Outdoors

We all have a favorite pen, but you might need something a little different when it comes to writing outdoors. Finding the best pen to write outdoors in varied weather conditions requires a different set of qualities than the average writing pen.

When looking for an outdoor writing pen, you’ll want something reliable and robust to write on wet paper and work in extreme weather conditions. Outdoor pens possess qualities that make them durable and allow them to write on rough surfaces. Tactical pens are great for use in emergencies.

Continue reading as we explore some of the best outdoor pens to suit all of your writing needs.

Best Pens For Writing Outdoors.

The best outdoor writing pen is dependent on your requirements. There is a product to suit all needs, from all-weather pens to tactical pens.

  • The Fisher Space Pen is a great all-around outdoor writing pen.
  • The Rite in the Rain Waterproof Pen is great for standing up against extreme weather conditions.
  • The Sharpie Extreme Marker is great for labeling wet weather gear and boating supplies.
  • The Take Flight Tactical Pen is great for emergency use.
  • The Smith and Wesson Pen is a great double feature pen that provides a versatile writing implement and an emergency defense tool.
  • The Mr. Pen Garden Markers are a great tool for gardeners to use that can withstand an array of weather conditions and write on many surfaces.

Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen was one of the first pens to incorporate an outdoor design that works in extreme circumstances such as wet weather, varying temperatures, and high altitudes. The Fisher Space Pen also works at any angle, which is particularly useful when you don’t have a flat surface available for writing on.

This is one of the most versatile pens made with precision assembly and hand testing that guarantees a lifetime warranty against any technical defects. The pen encompasses a brass and steel body and can even write in zero gravity, hence its name – the “space” pen.

If you’re looking for an outdoor pen, the Space Pen is perfect thanks to its rugged build and firm fitted cap that won’t fall off easily. Plus, you can easily attach it to backpacks, purses, and climbing gear to always have a pen close by.

Fisher Space Pen Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Clip
  • Includes matte black clip
  • Writes at any angle, even in Zero Gravity. Simply the most versatile pen ever made.
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled, hand tested, and carries a lifetime against all manufacturing defects
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled and hand tested in the USA. Each carries an unconditional lifetime .
  • All Brass and steel construction

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Pen

Rite in the Rain is a company that specializes in all-weather stationery, from notebooks to pens. Their pressurized refill designs allow you to write in extreme temperatures, at any angle, and even underwater. The permanent ink will cut through water, mud, or grease without smearing or clumping.

Tiny pockets within the tip of the pen allow you to continue to write even through the worst conditions without allowing air or water to make their way into the cartridge. You look for several qualities when purchasing an outdoor pen, but Rite in the Rain is a brand that excels for a pen that stands up against water, grease, or sweat.

And the pen comes with some pretty bold claims, such as the fact that it can write in depths of up to 35 feet underwater! Remember that this pen is for outdoor use, not everyday use, and the ink can run out fairly quickly.  

Fisher Space Pen Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Clip
  • Includes matte black clip
  • Writes at any angle, even in Zero Gravity. Simply the most versatile pen ever made.
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled, hand tested, and carries a lifetime against all manufacturing defects
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled and hand tested in the USA. Each carries an unconditional lifetime .
  • All Brass and steel construction

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Marker

If you’re looking for a writing pen, then the Sharpie marker is not your candidate; however, if you want a pen that will leave a long-lasting mark and write on even the roughest surfaces, the Sharpie Extreme Permanent Marker is an excellent choice.

This pen possesses quick-drying ink that is fade resistant against the wet and dry elements of the great outdoors and UV rays. This pen will write on several surfaces, including wood, glass, plastic, sports gear, camping equipment, and boating accessories that you may expose to some pretty harsh weather conditions.

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers, 2-Pack, Black (1919845)
  • Extreme brilliance with vivid, high-contrast colors
  • Extreme resilience with ink that's quick-drying and fade resistant against both wet and dry outdoor elements--UV rays...
  • Extreme fine tip stands up to plastic, glass, wood, and other outdoor surfaces
  • Extreme versatility on sports gear, camping equipment, boating accessories, and other items not allowed inside
  • Extreme colors: Includes 2 black markers

TakeFlight 4 in 1 Tactical Pen

This pen is perfect if you’re looking for a pen that doubles as tactical defense equipment. The TakeFlight Tactical Pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that offers a maximum strength to weight ratio for a durable, long-lasting pen. Its hard point can be used for defense purposes and is strong enough to break glass.

The pen comes with several features, including its glass-breaker tip, screwdriver, LED flashlight, and a small saw, all concealed within a sleek body that clips to your bag or pocket to keep a pen and a multitool handy at all times.

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Pilot Downforce Pen

The Pilot Downforce Pen possesses an internal mechanism for pressurizing ink and a thick grip for writing comfort. This pen is different from many others on the market as it uses the top button to channel air pressure in the refill to give you a smooth ink flow in any conditions.

This pen is designed for use anywhere, any time, and uses antibacterial ingredients in the body to give you a layer of hygienic protection.

Pilot Down Force Ballpoint Pen, 0.7 mm, Black Body, Black Ink (BDW-40F-B)
  • Pressurized ink refill system writes smoothly at any angle and in dry or wet conditions
  • Sturdy metal spring clip
  • Ballpoint size : 0.7mm
  • Ink Color : Black

Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK

The Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen combines aircraft aluminum with an ergonomic grip to provide maximum durability and comfort to its user. This pen has a screw top for easy access and includes finger grips to reduce slippage in wet weather.

Thanks to its stealthy appearance, this pen will blend in with your everyday gear while giving you the comfort of a defensive piece of equipment. It may look like an ordinary pen, but its self-defense end allows you to take down an attacker if necessary. The pen also has a clip to keep it to hand at all times.

Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK 5.8in Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen for Outdoor, Survival, Camping and EDC
  • DIMENSIONS: 5.8 inch (14.7 cm) overall length and a weight of 1.4 ounces
  • DURABLE: Pen is made of reliable T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip and screw-off top making it ideal for everyday carry
  • SECURE: Have confidence that this tool will perform when needed and blend in when not in use
  • COMFORTABLE: Finger Grooves Provdide Ergonomic Grip And Reduces Slippage

Mr. Pen Garden Markers

Mr. Pen Garden Markers are the ideal pen for writing on paintings, wood, glass, plastic, fabric, stone, metal, etc. They are perfect for gardeners or anyone who wants to create a permanent mark that will withstand the elements.

A durable round nib allows for precise and smooth application, while quick-drying ink will enable you to write smudge and clump-free. The oil-based ink is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly.,

Mr. Pen- Garden Markers, Black, 4 Pack, Plant Markers, Garden Markers for Plants Outdoor Waterproof, Plant Markers for Seedlings, Waterproof Permanent Marker, Plant Markers for Outdoor Plants
  • Package includes 4 pieces of fine point black permanent markers, suitable for applying in a home, gardening, work, and...
  • Mr. Pen garden marker is made of opaque ink that is chemically stable, lightfast, and quick-dry. Oil-based ink is...
  • Durable fine round nib allows smooth and precise application. Our permanent pen markers that are short in size and have...
  • Mr. Pen garden markers are ideal for working on multiple surfaces; they can be applied to paintings, ceramics, wood,...
  • They are suitable for vegetable seedlings, greenhouses, gardening projects, pot experiments, etc. They will help you...

Final Thoughts

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll likely face a time when you wish you had a pen handy to mark a spot on your map or jot down some notes at the end of a trek. And when you’re facing harsh weather conditions, not just any old pen will do.

When purchasing a pen for outdoor use, look for a durable model with a pressurized cartridge that allows you to write in several extreme conditions. If you’re looking for additional safety features, then a tactical pen will be your best option to provide multiple functions in one handy gadget.

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