Are Muji Binders Good?

Muji is a Japanese company that now has stores and an online presence across the globe. Part of the reason for this success is the quality of the company’s products leveraged with their affordable prices.

Muji binders are good for a multitude of purposes, including taking school or work notes, sketching, journaling, and more. These binders are durable and protective of their contents, making a Muji binder a smart choice for anyone.

If you are looking for a tough yet attractive binder – not the generic white 3-ring variety – a Muji is worth considering. We’ll take a closer look at the different types of binders Muji offers and exactly what makes these binders a wise choice in the upcoming sections.

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Why Choose Muji

Are Muji Products High Quality?

If you don’t know a lot about this company, allow us to fill you in. There are some things you should know before we answer the initial question, are Muji binders good?

Muji was founded in 1980 with a startlingly simple concept at its core: to offer unbranded, high-quality home goods, food, clothing, (and a ton more items today) at affordable prices. Muji cannot be defined as just an inexpensive brand, just as it cannot only be described as eco-friendly, minimalistic, or high quality.

Yet it is all of these.  

A few of the things that set Muji products apart are outlined below. We’ll specifically highlight the product features of their binders, but do realize that these qualities are echoed in many more of their products.


Why are Muji pens so good?
By Michael – MUJI PENS, CC BY 2.0,

Every Muji product is designed with ease of use in mind, but the company has a distinct style as well. This style is the result of using natural products in their original state whenever possible.


Muji binders are very lightweight even though they come with at least 6 rings compared to the minimum 3 of other brands.

No advertisement

Muji doesn’t advertise, so the fact that you are considering the purchase of one of their binders is a testament to the company’s good reputation.


All varieties of Muji binders and notebooks are recyclable, and many are made from recycled materials. The absence of bleach and other chemicals in their manufacturing systems also keeps chemicals out of the environment.

Hold a lot of paper

Despite their sleek design, a Muji binder will hold about 130 sheets of paper, so a binder can feasibly last you an entire year or semester without needing to be cleaned out.

Various sizes

For a great summary of 2 full-sized Muji binders (as opposed to the pocket-sized ones), watch this video. During the demonstration, you can also get an idea of the thickness and texture of the binders.

Types of Muji Binders

Are Muji binders good?
Source: Muji –

Now that you’re convinced of the quality, you need to decide which Muji binder to buy. The company offers 3 varieties:

  • Recycled paper binders – The outer cover is made from recycled paper, but it is surprisingly strong. These binders come in beige and black.
  • Polypropylene (PVC) binders – Muji offers plastic binders like this one that is lightweight, translucent, and last forever.
MUJI 02555375 Polypropylene Binder, B5, 26 Holes
  • Package Size: 11.0 x 1.0 x 8.7 inches (28 x 2.5
  • Material per piece: Polypropylene and Iron
  • Binding: Ring, 26 Holes
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam
  • Kraft paper binder – The hardcovers of these binders are not recovered with more paper, so you get the same minimalist aesthetic as with Muji’s other binders and notebooks. Kraft paper is very strong because of its higher sulfur content and because it is unbleached.  

Muji binders come in a wide range of sizes:

  • A4, which is 8.27 x 11.69 inches with 30 rings (yep, you read that right…30)
  • B5, slightly smaller, at 6.9 x 9.8 inches and with 26 rings
  • A5, common outside the U.S., with dimensions of 5.83 x 8.27inches (called half-letter)

Muji Versus Other Binders

When you look at all the binder brands on the market, one can start to look exactly like the next. So it’s important to look at key differences between Muji and other brands with comparable products.

Below, we’ve comprised a list of things that make Muji binders a great investment.

  • Sustainable – Who doesn’t love knowing their purchases are good for the environment? Muji binders are made from recycled materials, recyclable, or both.
  • Multiple rings – We’ve all had the experience of a 3-ring binder ripping even bigger holes in our notebook paper. Muji binders have a minimum of 6 rings to reduce the tension on the paper and prevent ripping. Different styles of Muji binders have 9, 26, or even 30 rings!
  • Durable cover – Every Muji binder has a hard cover which may make it hard to open, to begin with, but the cover will relax and lie flat with more use. After the initial stiffness is worked out, you’ll be so glad to have such a resilient product when moving it in and out of bags and around your workstation.
  • Design – Call it modern or minimalist or sleek… no matter how you choose to describe Muji binders, it all comes back to the neutral colors, slim dimensions, earthy textures, and basic (but very functional) styles. A Muji binder is perfect for anyone, regardless of their personal style.
  • Affordable – A Muji binder usually costs $1-2 more than name brand 3-ring binders, but there’s no comparing the quality of a Muji versus a brand you may recognize the name of. Additionally, Muji products last a lot longer than plastic and cardboard binders.

 Benefits of Buying Muji Binders

Muji is committed to producing useful, attractive items that serve their purpose well. Beyond that, the company is not very concerned with producing eye-catching products that will more than likely end up in the trash.

Customers have responded positively to Muji’s ambition, caring less about the attractiveness of their home goods and clothing (among other Muji products) and becoming more focused on sustainability, cost, and functionality.

Muji binders are no exception. In today’s economy, a product that lasts is well worth a few extra dollars. A Muji binder will meet any writing or drawing needs that you may have, and you’ll be pleased with the quality as well.

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