Are Tactile Turn Pens Good?

If you have heard of Tactile Turn you probably care about your writing utensils. You want both quality and performance. I now use a Tactile Turn pen as my go-to “everyday pen.” I absolutely love it! Hopefully, this article will help you see why they are some of the best pens on the market today.

Tactile Turn takes pride in the quality of its pens. They even offer a lifetime warranty if something unexpected happens. Their pens may be expensive, but if you want something that’ll last, they’re more than worth the cost.

Knowing all of that, it’s safe to say that Tactile Turn pens would definitely be considered ‘good’. The rest of this article will go more into detail on Tactile Turn’s pens, why they’re so good, and what ‘good’ even means in this context.

What is a Tactile Turn Pen?

tactile turn bolt action pen review
Here is the popular titanium bolt action pen

Tactile Turn is a company based in Dallas, Texas. They make high-quality pens and pencils, and their cheapest products cost $99. This may seem like a lot to pay for a pen – and it is, at face value – but they have a good reason for charging that much.

All of Tactile Turn’s products are hand-machined and are built to last. Each pen comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that if something goes wrong that’s not the user’s fault, they’ll make it right. That’s how confident they are in their products’ quality.

Are Tactile Turn Pens Good?

Tactile Turn Side Click Copper Pen
Here is my side-click copper pen!

To determine if Tactile Turn pens are good or not, we first have to determine what qualities a ‘good’ pen has.

What Makes a Good Pen?

  • A good pen is one that will last. If a pen has a lifetime warranty or even a limited warranty, that’s a pretty good indication that the manufacturer is confident in its quality.
  • It should be able to take great ink. Most Tactile Turn pens take the popular “Parker-style” refill.
  • A good pen will ideally be usable by both left and right-handed people. 
  • Additionally, a good pen should write smoothly, and be easy and comfortable to use. No one likes getting hand cramps while writing.
  • Though it’s not necessarily a requirement to be a good pen, I’d say it also helps if the pen has something about it that’s different from other pens – something that helps it stand out from the crowd.
  • Finally, defining a ‘good’ pen often comes down to personal preference. One person may consider a certain brand of pens as ‘good’ while another person may prefer a different brand. 

Do Tactile Turn Pens Fit These Categories?

Tactile Turn Pen

Now that we have a better idea of what exactly a good pen looks like, it’s time to find out if Tactile Turn pens fit the bill, by going through each qualification and figuring out if it applies to Tactile Turn pens.

  • As mentioned earlier, Tactile Turn pens come with a lifetime warranty. That’s an excellent sign of the pen’s quality. Check.
  • When it comes to pens that are usable for left-handed people, Tactile Turn takes things a step further: they’ve designed a pen specifically for left-handed people. That definitely fits the bill and also qualifies as something that helps Tactile Turn stand out – check.
  • The word ‘smooth’ is mentioned in over 300 reviews on Tactile Turn’s website. ‘Comfortable’ features in nearly 100 reviews. And, of course, that’s not taking into account the reviews that say the same thing without using those specific words. Also, depending on what size of pen you get, it comes with a great refill. My latest pen came with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000! Check.
  • The personal preference point is, of course, entirely subjective. However, the Tactile Turn official website might help there – their products have over 2,500 reviews overall at the time of this writing, and their lowest average rating on a particular product is 4.5/5.
  • This is especially incredible when you consider the price of one of these pens – remember, even Tactile Turn’s cheapest products cost almost $100. That really speaks to how good these pens actually are. 
Does Tactile Turn make good pens?
Early 2022 limited addition Tactile Turn Pen

So even the most subjective of points fits Tactile Turn pens on a fairly large scale. That’s pretty solid evidence that Tactile Turn pens are, in fact, very good.

Tactile Turn’s Products

Are tactile turn pens good

Now that we’ve determined that Tactile Turn pens qualify as good ones, let’s take a look at the different options they have available. 

Note: for each pen, you can choose between three different lengths, and four different metals as materials. The pencils don’t come in different lengths, but you still get your pick of materials.

  • Bolt Action – these pens use, you guessed it, a bolt action mechanism. This is Tactile Turn’s most popular pen.
  • Slim Bolt Action – these are the same as the regular Bolt Action pens, except, well… slimmer.
  • Side Click Pens – these pens use a button mechanism placed on the side of the pen. The pictures in this article feature a Side Click Pen.
  • Pencils – the pencils function similarly to mechanical pencils. The lead and erasers both are replaceable, and they come with a couple spares of each. 
  • Limited releases – occasionally, Tactile Turn will release a new pen for a limited amount of time. Once that time is up, you’re no longer able to purchase that pen (unless you can find one secondhand somewhere, of course) The pictures in this article feature the “Fairway” limited release.
  • Spare parts – pretty straightforward. Tactile Turn also sells various spare parts for their products, including refills for ink, lead, and erasers, as well as replacements for various parts of each product’s mechanisms. They also have great customer support. If you have any problems with their pens you can reach out to them and they will gladly assist you.

Final Thoughts

Tactile Turn pens hit all the marks of a good pen. They’re extremely high quality and come with a lifetime warranty, they’re comfortable to use and write smoothly, and they have overall very high reviews. They may be expensive, but I’d say they’re definitely worth the money.

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