Can You Dip a Fountain Pen in Ink?

Fountain pens and other pens with similarly designed nibs, such as dip pens or quill pens, often have a similar look in terms of mechanics, along with the shape and design of the nibs. It’s only reasonable that there are those out there who wonder whether or not they can be used interchangeably.  You certainly … Read more

Is Iron Gall Safe To Use For Fountain Pens?

Iron gall ink isn’t some new fad or even something that was released within the last decade. In fact, it’s an ancient ink that has been in use since the 5th century AD. So, it can easily be associated with nibs and fountain pens as the two were inevitable for one another over the centuries. … Read more

How Long do Fountain Pen Cartridges Last?

If you like fountain pens, you may have wondered how long do fountain pen cartridges last, really? You may be surprised at the answer – inks stored in cartridges are surprisingly long-lasting, as we will discuss further below. There is a good reason that branded ink manufacturers typically do not provide a “use by” stamp … Read more

How To Properly Do A Wax Seal

If you love the old-world style and medieval works or writing, you may have wondered how to properly do a wax seal. A wax seal is a great way to make your crafts look authentic and mysterious, and they ensure that whoever opens your sealed letter gets a dramatic “snap” as they break the seal. … Read more

Best Quill Pen Sets of 2022

Quill Pen on Desk

Ever since the quill pen made its debut over 1400 years ago, it has been favored for centuries all across the world. Even despite the rise of ballpoint pens, quill pens have remained a memorable part of our culture. Today, many find themselves longing to add this vintage treasure to their collection. Whether you are … Read more

The 6 Best Notebooks for Travel, Organization, and More!

Has your mother been nagging you about journaling again? Well, now’s the time to listen. We’ve hand-picked the best journals of 2019, and we think you’ll be impressed. Whether you’re a traveler, an avid writer, a doodler, or a student who just needs a notebook for class, we’ve got you covered! Whatever your style, you’re … Read more

Facts and History of Quill Pens

how to write with a quill

While the first true writing instruments were made by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia almost 5,000 years ago, writing tools have evolved over time just like technology as a whole. Among the many writing tools used is the quill pen, which has lasted for centuries and is still used today by calligraphy artists and antiquity geeks. … Read more