Best Rollerball Pens: The 7 Best Rollerball Pens for 2024

Many of those who are unfamiliar with the mechanics of pens assume that rollerball pens and ballpoint pens are the same. The truth is, there are different types of pens. Rollerball pens and ballpoint pens are vastly different, with rollerballs using water-based ink and ballpoint pens using oil-based ink. There are distinct disadvantages and advantages … Read more

The 11 Most Expensive Pens in the World

Montegrappa Pens

Fountain pens have an air of refinement and luxury about them that often relates to business and banking. Yet, for something designed to be used every day, some pens manage to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the most expensive pens in the world, you could even end up spending several hundreds of … Read more

What Is So Special About Fountain Pens?

what is the smoothest fountain pen

Even though they have been kicking around since the early 1800s, fountain pens remain incredibly popular. The tech behind them hasn’t changed all that much either. Even in the face of far cheaper ballpoint pens, many people opt to pick up a good fountain pen, and there are several reasons why. Let’s take a look, … Read more

What Is Archival Ink?

what is archival ink

There are many different ink types out there. One that you may come across every so often is archival ink. So, what is it? How is archival ink different from other types of ink? That is exactly what we will take a look at on this page! What Is Archival Ink? Archival ink is a … Read more

What Ink Colors Help You Memorize Better?

What ink helps memorize?

Did you know that colors can actually have an impact on the neurological pathways in your brain? Because every color has its own wavelength, each of them is going to affect your behavior and attention when learning in a different way. Red is the color that increases attentional level the most. Using red-colored ink will … Read more

Does Pen Ink Fade Over Time?

How do you keep pen ink from fading?

Jotting down memories in your journal, composing a thoughtful letter to a loved one, or even just writing out your grocery list provides a permanent record of things you want to say or remember. Think again. Even though it may take years, eventually, pen ink will fade until the written records are no longer legible. … Read more