How Do You Keep Pen Ink From Fading?

How do you keep pen ink from fading?

Many inks will fade over time, because of how some of its chemicals react to UV light. That’s fine when you’re writing a grocery list, but what if you’d like to preserve your notes for posterity? No ink is 100% fade-proof. However, you can help slow down the process by choosing more fade-resistant ink and … Read more

Do Ballpoint Pen Refills Expire?

do pen refills expire

If you have a drawer full of old pen refills that you bought and then forgot about, you might be wondering, do pen refills expire? Few things last indefinitely, but how long should these keep for and how can you tell if they are still okay? Most pen refills will eventually expire, although the speed … Read more

The 5 Best Pencils For Preschoolers

best pencils for preschoolers

Writing is one of the most important skills we learn as children and every parent wants to give their kids the right start. But where do you even begin, with so many products on the market? We will take you through the best pencils for preschoolers. Learning with the proper pencil and developing a proper … Read more