Best Pens For Annotating Books

best pens for annotating books

When you’re studying, it can be beneficial to annotate the text so that it’s easier to find key content later. Annotating a book also promotes better understanding and retention of the text. But how do you pick the right pen? It depends on your style and the primary functionality you want in your writing instrument. … Read more

What Pen Does the President Use?

What Pen Does the President Use

Every document that the President of the United States signs his name on is of huge importance. These documents are often bills becoming laws, treaties between nations, or executive orders that will impact and influence the lives of millions of people – not just here at home, but around the world as well. It should … Read more

The Best Retractable Felt Tip Pen

retractable felt tip pen

Felt tip pens are great for smooth, rich ink lines, and having a retractable feature makes them even more convenient. Artists and writers alike can benefit from these pens, and that’s why we’ve decided to make some recommendations for retractable felt tip pens today. Our favorite retractable felt-tip pens are slow to dry out, comfortable … Read more

Are Fountain Pens A Good Option To Use For School?

are fountain pens good for school

Over the years, there have been many debates on whether school-aged children should use fountain pens. Once kids transition from pencil usage, are fountain pens good for school? In this age of technology, there are two sides to this debate. Some people feel that handwriting is no longer important, others claim using fountain pens can … Read more

What Is An EE Pencil?

Most artists are familiar with the different pencil grades and what they mean. However, fewer are aware of the “EE” pencil grade. If this is your first time hearing about it you may find yourself wondering, what exactly is an EE pencil?  Well, simply put, an EE pencil is made using a mix of graphite … Read more

How to Hold a Fountain Pen

Writing with a Scriveiner Fountain Pen

Unlike disposable ballpoint pens, it takes a little more practice to master the fountain pen. You can’t expect to simply pick up a pen and immediately find its sweet spot. If anything, an incorrect grip could smear the ink, rip the page, and produce an ugly, scratchy font. Therefore, take time to practice your grip … Read more

Are Fountain Pens and Calligraphy Pens the Same?

Fountain pens are exploding in popularity. What was once a law school graduation present, or a business promotion gift, is now becoming more popular each year. One thing that a fountain pen is known for is calligraphy, however, is it the right pen to use, or is there a separate, calligraphy pen? A calligraphy pen … Read more