Are Moleskine Notebooks Vegan?

Vegans and animal advocates have a valid concern when checking if the products they buy are truly vegan. Even office supplies such as notebooks are sometimes made with leather derived from animal hide, which is why we’re getting to the bottom of the question are Moleskine notebooks vegan?  Lucky for vegan buyers, Moleskine notebooks are … Read more

How To Stop A Ballpoint Pen From Skipping

If you write by hand frequently, then you’re probably aware of how common it is for ballpoint pens to skip when left uncleaned or dried up on the tip. But luckily, there are a few ways you can stop a ballpoint pen from skipping by cleaning it and using it properly. You can keep a … Read more

How to Rip Pages out of a Composition Notebook

Removing pages from a composition notebook is a pain, especially if you don’t know how and you’re just trying to get rid of a few pages where you scribbled some quick notes that don’t belong with the rest of what the composition notebook was intended for. There’s a way to do it, however, that won’t … Read more

How to Remove a Fountain Pen Nib

The nib of a fountain pen is simultaneously the most useful and most beautiful part of a pen. Nevertheless, it is also the most delicate part of the pen, and as such, requires special care and attention. If you wish to replace the nib of your pen, you’ll have to follow a careful set of … Read more

Can You Take Fountain Pens on Airplanes?

why does a fountain pen leak at high altitude

Can you take fountain pens on airplanes? Yes, you can. However, it is important to understand what is going on with your pen – and the ink within – during flight. This will lead to your taking some basic precautions that will hopefully ensure that there is no risk of an ugly spill from your … Read more

How to Clean a Wax Seal Spoon?

Wax spoons are often used with wax beads because it’s an easy way to make a wax seal. Simply warm the spoon, melt the wax, and pour it out over the envelope so that you can stamp it with your wax seal.  In most cases, all you need to do to clean the spoon is … Read more

How to Make a Harry Potter Wax Seal

Hogwarts Letter Wax Seal

Have you ever wondered how to make a Harry Potter wax seal? These are a great way to make a Hogwarts letter look authentic and interesting, and it’s relatively easy to do it yourself at home. Without a seal, a letter looks incomplete and lacks the air of mystery carried by a sealed letter – … Read more

Can You Mail Wax Seals?

Yes, you can mail letters with wax seals through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The post office says wax can be used to seal parcels as long as the seal is “sufficient to allow detection of tampering.” Will Wax Seals Be Damged If Mailed? The problem is, wax isn’t exactly sturdy and durable. After … Read more