Why Do I Keep Buying Notebooks?

Why do I keep buying notebooks?

Humans have been recording our thoughts, big ideas, and plans for thousands of years― although perhaps some of us have moved past scrawling stick figures on the walls. Notebooks are a popular method of writing things down. Honestly, there’s just nothing better than taking a pencil between your fingers and scribbling down your ideas. It’s … Read more

6 Great Pens for Writing Outdoors

outdoor writing pen

We all have a favorite pen, but you might need something a little different when it comes to writing outdoors. Finding the best pen to write outdoors in varied weather conditions requires a different set of qualities than the average writing pen. When looking for an outdoor writing pen, you’ll want something reliable and robust … Read more

Parker Vs. Sheaffer – Which is Better?

Is Sheaffer better than Parker?

Have you ever wondered, is Sheaffer better than Parker? Choosing your stationery with care is important, especially if you spend a lot of time writing. These two pen brands are often considered on a par with each other, but Parkers are generally thought to be ahead in terms of their pen nibs, and having cheaper … Read more

The Best Types of Fisher Space Pens

Is the Fisher Space Pen worth it?

Fischer Space Pen is a company that makes special pens designed to be used in any environment. These were originally designed to be used in outer space and their quality is unmatched. These are pens that can be used to write on almost any surface, at any angle, and in any environment. This includes writing … Read more

Are Paper Mate Pens Toxic?

Most of us have been told as kids not to draw on our bodies with pens or markers. The reasoning of course is the risk of ink poisoning! Have you ever wondered if the popular paper mate pens are toxic?  Paper mate pens are actually categorized as nontoxic pens. This means they meet certain criteria … Read more