5 Tips On How To Erase Colored Pencil

Do you need to get colored pencil marks off of something? It’s not going to erase the way that a standard pencil will, but it is sometimes possible to remove it. Let’s find out how! You can remove colored pencil marks using several different techniques, including a colored pencil eraser, using tape, using a kneaded … Read more

Can You Use Notebook Paper in a Printer?

When you look at printer paper you think “printer” and when you look at lined paper you think “writing.” It’s as simple as that and there’s never really any expectations of something more profound than that. However, if you happen to be out of printer paper, you may be wondering if you could run some … Read more

How to Fill Your Pelikan Pen with Ink

Over the past several years, the Pelikan brand of pens has become known for delivering both value and bragging rights. Even though Pelikan isn’t always the cheapest fountain pen, they perform so well it justifies the price. Due to the distinctive nature of the ink reservoir within a Pelikan pen, the average user may often … Read more

How to Increase Ink Flow in a Fountain Pen

Ink flow is everything in a fountain pen, especially when you’re practicing calligraphy. There are several ways to go about increasing the ink flow in your fountain pen, even if only minutely. You can: “floss” your nib replace it prime it change the ink add water to your ink check your tine alignment on your … Read more

The Best Places to Buy Sealing Wax?

Wax sealing has been in practice since the Middle Ages, where it was used for official reasons, rather than for decorative or aesthetic purposes. Of course, that didn’t mean that royalty couldn’t embellish when they wanted to and they certainly did. Today, wax sealing is mostly used as a way to add some flare to … Read more

Can You Use Candle Wax To Seal An Envelope?

You can use regular candle wax to seal an envelope, however it may fall off easily and leave oily marks on your letter. There are other waxes created especially for sealing that function much better.  This article will explain how to use candle wax for sealing envelopes and offers some alternatives if you want to … Read more