Do Muji Pens Smear?

Do Muji Pens Smear?

There is nothing more annoying than pens that smear when you’re working with them, especially if you are left-handed. It’s challenging to write without smudging the ink, and smudged ink ruins even the neatest and prettiest work. Muji pens will smear if you don’t give them a little bit of time to dry. This means … Read more

What’s So Good About Sharpie Pens?

What's so good about Sharpie pens?

Sharpie has become a household name, even being synonymous with a permanent marker in some cases. Sharpie also makes some pretty outstanding pens in varying designs and styles. You might be wondering, out of all the pens out there, what makes Sharpie so special? Why are they so popular? What’s all the hype about? Sharpie … Read more

What Is A Bent Nib Fountain Pen?

why bent point fountain pen

Bent fountain pen nibs may be a sign of damage, but they are usually a specific style of a fountain pen that differs from the traditional split nib that most people recognize. A bent nib fountain pen, also known as a fude nib fountain pen, is a style that bends upwards at the tip. Instead … Read more

How To Find The Smoothest Fountain Pen

what is the smoothest fountain pen

Are you trying to find the smoothest fountain pen to add to your collection or to jazz up your everyday writing experience?  Fountain pens are experiencing a resurgence in popularity both with collectors and with people who enjoy using them as everyday pens. Writing with a fountain pen gives you the feeling of an everyday … Read more