Rollerball Pens: All You Need to Know

rollerball pen

What is a rollerball pen? A rollerball pen, like a ballpoint pen, has a ball-in-socket mechanism connected to an ink source. It is used to mark up a surface when applied. Some dictionaries define rollerball pens as simply a type of ballpoint pen, or a ballpoint pen that uses thinner ink.  The easiest way to … Read more

Cross Pens: All You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of a Cross Pen? These pens have been around for years, but what makes these writing instruments so prestigious? This article will inform you of Cross Pens and all you need to know! Especially if you are looking into purchasing the right one! The A.T. Cross Company has provided luxury and … Read more

Gold Pens

Gold as of late has made its way back on the popularity list. At one time or another, trends throughout time seem to favor either gold or silver. Do you choose a gold or silver wedding ring? Gold or silver decor in the home? With gold being aesthetically appealing we often see quotes with beautiful … Read more

Introduction to Quill Pens

Quill Pen

This article is an introduction to quill pens. It mentions where to buy quill pens, how to write with a quill pen, and how to care for your quill pen. Let’s dive in! Quill pens are also known as feather pens. They are called quill pens or feather pens for obvious reasons, in which the … Read more