Lamy 2000 4 color review

Lamy 2000 4 Color

Are you considering purchasing a Lamy 2000 4 Color? This lovely pen catches a lot of people’s eyes, and you certainly aren’t alone if you’re trying to decide whether to buy one or not. The Lamy 2000 4 Color is, as the name suggests, a pen that offers 4 different colors of ink. It is … Read more

Field Notes National Parks Review

Field Notes National Park Review

You might have heard about Field Notes, especially if you’re into notebooks. This company specializes in the creation of timeless paper products and the National Parks series is one of their latest additions to the shop. Field Notes National Parks series memo books are sold in packs of 3. These tiny notebooks inspired by traditional … Read more

The Best Fountain Pen Case (Under $15!)

Small fountain Pen Case

Fountain pen enthusiasts, fountain pen hobbyists and fountain pen professionals generally have a lot of fountain pens. And they often have a favorite fountain pen for specific tasks, letter writing, drawing or just signing a document with an elegant and practiced signature.  If you’re at home, keeping your pens in nice condition may not be … Read more

LAMY AL-Star Fountain Pen Review

lamy al-star fountain pen review

LAMY’s AL-Star Fountain Pen is one of its most popular sub-$50 fountain pens, but it gets surprisingly mixed reviews. The unique design has plenty to offer, but a few features give the pen a bad reputation. The Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen features a sturdy construction and sleek design. Between the fountain pen’s full size and … Read more