How To Get Pencil Marks Off A Wall

Have you ever wondered how to get pencil markings off the wall? Whether you’ve got a mischievous child or you’ve accidentally brushed against a wall yourself with a pencil, getting the mark off might be high on your list of priorities – but how do you do this? There are several ways to get pencil … Read more

Do Fountain Pens Easily Leak in Your Pocket?

Does fountain pen ink evaporate

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there regarding the use, storage, and carrying of fountain pens. Of course, most of it comes from those who had one bad experience or from those who have never owned a fountain pen in their lives.  Does a fountain pen leak in your pocket? Well, it … Read more

Why is My Fountain Pen Leaking? [A Troubleshooting Guide]

For some reason, many people who have never had the privilege of writing with a fountain pen and experienced its epic awesomeness of it, assume that the things just leak all over the place; a veritable fountain of unstoppable, desk-wrecking ink flow. However, fountain pens are well-designed tools that shouldn’t leak and if it does, … Read more

How To Install A Parker Fountain Pen Cartridge

Popular Parker Pens

Cartridge fountain pens allow users to easily refill ink, but you need to know how this installation process works for different types of fountain pens. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to correctly install Parker fountain pen cartridges.  To install a Parker fountain pen ink cartridge, you need to disassemble your pen by … Read more

Are Fountain Pens More Environmentally Friendly?

There are many reasons one may wish to own a fountain pen as opposed to any other type, but one of the more surprising reasons is because they are supposedly better for the environment. So, are fountain pens more environmentally friendly than normal pens are? Believe it or not, fountain pens actually are more environmentally … Read more

Can Fountain Pen Ink be Used for a Dip Pen?

Can fountain pen inks be used for dip pens? To answer this question beyond a simplistic “yes” or “no”, or perhaps a more enigmatic “maybe”, we need to understand the physics of how fountain pens and dip pens work, as also the chemical differences between fountain pen ink and ink used by dip pens. The … Read more