Why Is My Fountain Pen Scratchy?

The feel of a fountain pen flowing on smooth, premium paper, is a luxury that few understand anymore. It’s a lost art. However, sometimes when writing, there might be a hard, scratchy feeling, perhaps accompanied by a tiny splatter of ink. If this has happened to you and your fountain pen feels “scratchy.” Let us … Read more

How to Properly Store a Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Stored in a Case

For a while, it seemed as if fountain pens would be relegated to the historical pages of 18th century, European finesse, and luxury. It is fitting that fountain pens became the primary writing instrument in the Age of Enlightenment. These are unique and often beautifully designed pens, so the way you store them is important. … Read more

What Pen Case Should I Get?

Pen Case

Ever since pens have been around, people have wanted a place to store them. Whether it was for display, on the go, or as a gift, people have produced cases for their treasured pens. They take many shapes and sized and this article will cover the different options for pen cases. Display Cases Display cases … Read more

Why You Should Use a Multicolor Pen

Origins of the Multicolor Pen Although Bic would love to portray the multicolor pen as being hundreds of years old, such as depicted in this video, Bic first sold their well known “4-Color Bic Pen” in 1970. While seen as a novelty at first, people soon realized the utility that could come by packaging 4 … Read more