Best Quill Pen Sets of 2019

Best Quill Pen Sets of 2019

Ever since the quill pen made its debut over 1400 years ago, it has been favored for centuries all across the world. Even despite the rise of ballpoint pens, quill pens have remained a memorable part of our culture. Today, many find themselves longing to add this vintage treasure to their collection. Whether you are a pen enthusiast, intrigued by all things vintage, or just love Harry Potter, eventually you will find that you need a quill pen and ink set to add to your collection. But when it comes to buying a quill pen set, there are several factors to consider. Do you go for a set that’s more aesthetic, or do you find one that works the best for calligraphy? Take a look at the top picks in these hand-picked categories to find out which will be the best quill pen set for your collection.

Best Overall: Antique Feather Copper Writing Quill

antique feather quill pen set

This 100% hand-crafted set from GC is our top pick because it offers the best of all worlds: aesthetics, control, and an easy ink flow for optimal writing. While some quill pen and ink sets may lack stability in exchange for aesthetics, GC’s set has it all–and for a very affordable price, too. The pen’s sleek and elegant design maintains perfect balance, creating the best environment for clean and beautiful handwritten letters or notes.

GC’s set offers an all-around high-quality design and smooth feel wrapped into a beautiful set. Whether you choose to give this beautiful set as a gift to a friend or loved one, or even just keep it for yourself, the proud owner of this elegant set will have everyone envious.

Best Budget: Kentaur Calligraphy Set

sleek black calligraphy quill pen set

Have an interest in getting a sleek looking quill set without much in your wallet? This set from Kentaur is for you. While this set is less expensive than most other sets, there is no sacrifice of aesthetics. The quill is an authentic turkey feather, unlike its inexpensive plastic counterparts. Plus, with a variety of color choices, you are sure to find a quill in your favorite color.

In addition to price and aesthetics, this set also comes with 6 nibs like many of the other sets, giving you much flexibility in your writing.What got this set into our top choices is that it still writes pretty smoothly, even being at a lower price point. While this set may not have all the perks of a higher-priced set, we recommend it for anyone who wants the looks of a quill without needing anything of superior quality. If you’re new to quill pens and want to try one out before you make a larger investment, this pen is the one to get.

Best Themed: ECVISION Antique Calligraphy Pen Set

harry potter calligraphy pen set

For all the Potterheads out there (or loving friends of one), this set is definitely for you. We definitely geeked out about this Harry Potter themed set, which happens to pair very well with some nice glasses and a forehead scar. Didn’t get a letter from Hogwarts when you were 11 years old? No worries! Now you can live your dream with this very special quill set which includes a letter of acceptance into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In addition to the obvious perks of this magical set, the feathers are hand-picked naturally, giving you an experience that’s unique to you. This set is also a similar price to our top budget pick, making it easy to hand out in gift bags at a Harry Potter themed party.

Best Complete Set: Pawaca Luxury Quill Pen and Ink Set

quill pen set with multicolor pens

We couldn’t help but put this set on here because it has everything you think of when you think of quill pens: ink, paper, the pen, and a stand! Really–it’s a perfect set. Not many other sets come with enough paper to really write on long term, so the notebook included with Pawaca’s set is a true gem. If you want more reasons to say ‘yes’ to this quill set, it comes in a variety of feather colors, including dark green, black, turquoise, grey, navy blue, red, and white.

This set is also the best gift set for writing nerds and lovers of all things antique. Whether you choose to give this to your creative writing teacher, your best friend, or cherished family member, they will be so happy to get such a great set. And if they’re not, you can keep it, so it’s really a win-win.

Best for Calligraphy: FEATTY Calligraphy Pen Set

calligraphy pen set with multicolor ink and a wood pen

Don’t really care much for the bells and whistles but want something that looks pretty and writes well? You’re in luck–we have the set for you! This impressive 12-piece set comes with five bottles of ink in different colors so you can show off your calligraphy skills in red, yellow, blue, green, and black. In addition to the variety of colors, the set also comes with five nibs of different sizes so you can write for school and for art projects all with the same pen.

If you weren’t already convinced, this quill set also comes with an additional wood stemmed pen! If you like the aesthetics of a quill but prefer a thicker pen for your projects, this set has everything you need! With everything this set offers, you have endless opportunities to show off your skills in any occasion.

Best Aesthetics: Vimpro Handmade Quill Feather Pen Set

intricate handmade quill pen set

It’s no wonder we chose this set as our top pick for the aesthetics category. The stunningly intricate stem is made of a mix of stainless steel and iridium alloy which helps it not rust as easily as other quill pens. The beautiful red feather also compliments the silver stem beautifully, creating a gorgeous quill that will leave all your friends and coworkers jealous. The stand for the pen even matches the design of the steam, so that even it’s not in use, your quill pen will be a sight to behold.

In addition to looking beautiful, this set also comes with five replacement nibs so you can find an excuse to take this set anywhere. In the box you can also find papers and envelopes for writing on as well as ink. Oh, and the ink bottle even has a pretty design to it, too. Is there anything that isn’t totally exquisite about this set? We haven’t come up with anything yet. Oh well, looks like you just might have to add it to your collection. ◼

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