Can You Use a Rubber Stamp for a Wax Seal?

You don’t need to have a metal stamp to make a wax seal, a rubber stamp will work just as well. Rubber stamps endure a process called vulcanization to harden the rubber into shape when they are made which involves extremely high heat. Heated sealing wax by comparison is much lower in temperature so it will not ruin the rubber stamp.

In this article, we will review the types of wax you can use to create a seal with a rubber stamp as well as give you a few suggestions for rubber stamps that would make great seals. We will also give you instructions on how to use a rubber stamp as a wax seal.

What Kind of Wax Can You Use with a Rubber Stamp?

Sealing wax is the best kind of wax to use with your rubber stamp. It can be purchased by most hobby stores such as Michael’s, Walmart, or Hobby Lobby. Alternatively, you can find it online from websites like Amazon. Sealing wax is specifically designed to create wax seals.

It is made from paraffin or shellac and usually has color pigments added to it. Some sealing waxes are made to be flexible so they have resin in them.

You can use candle wax as well although it is not as recommended as sealing wax. Candle wax doesn’t stick to paper like sealing wax does so your seal may pop off during transit. Additionally, it can leave oil stains on the envelope and may become melty if it sits in a hot enough environment.

You could also use wax crayons or beeswax, but the same caveats as candle wax would apply. The main issue is that it would leave oily stains whereas sealing wax, especially made with shellac, will not leave any residue.

All in all, sealing wax is the way to go.

How Do I Use a Rubber Stamp for a Wax Seal?

It is easy to apply a wax seal with a rubber stamp. Simply melt a chunk of your sealing wax in a spoon over an open candle flame. Pour the liquid wax over the edge of the envelope flap so that it joins the flap to the body of the envelope.

Place your stamp in the center of the wax and hold it there for about 15 to 20 seconds or until the wax begins to harden. Slightly wiggle the stamp handle and pull it out of the wax. It should leave an impression of the stamp’s picture behind on the wax seal.

A little trick that helps create a cleaner-looking seal is to keep the rubber of the stamp cold while heating the wax. You can use an ice pack or something similar. This way the contrast of the cold stamp and hot wax will set quicker and make for a crisper image.

You may need to clean your rubber stamp after using it for a wax seal as bits of wax can get trapped in the image especially if there are fine details. Simply heat up the stamp by placing it on an iron plate set to low heat. Once it is heated, wipe it down until the little wax bits are removed.

What Rubber Stamps Should I Use for a Wax Seal?

Any rubber stamp that you can purchase from a hobby store will work for a wax seal. Red rubber stamps work best because of the vulcanization process they go through. It is also best to choose a stamp that is small. Large stamps do not make good seals because the whole image won’t fit on the wax.

The possibilities for rubber stamp designs are virtually limitless. Some common types of rubber stamps images used as wax seals include monogrammed initials, flowers, small animals, leaves, and simple artistic patterns. Rubber stamps will make a slightly different impression than a conventional brass seal, emphasizing the image in a better way.

Here are some suggestions for rubber stamps that would make amazing wax seal designs that can be found on Amazon.

This twelve-pack of Fciqven rubber stamps would make the perfect wax seals with their intricate flower and lace patterns. They are the size of normal brass seals and come in a variety of designs. Best of all, the whole pack is under $20!

You can check them out here.

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Maybe you’re more of an animal and nature lover. If so, check out Hero Arts eighteen pack of miniature rubber stamps. With designs including turtles, shells, and butterflies, you’re sure to find a unique critter to use as your own personal wax seal. These stamps are also priced at less than $20.

You can check these nature stamps out here.

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If you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to create a wax seal without having to buy an expensive brass seal, try a rubber stamp. The rubber should be sturdy enough to withstand the heated wax and will make a great impression if you hold it in long enough. The image will be clean, not having the additional ring around it as you would get from a brass seal.

Always use sealing wax for the best possible result. Sealing wax and rubber stamps can be found at most hobby stores or online from websites such as Amazon. Candle wax, beeswax, and wax crayons are options but won’t work as well as sealing wax.

Try putting the stamp on ice beforehand for a clear impression of the image due to the contrast between the hot wax and the cold stamp. Don’t forget to clean out the lingering bits of wax from the stamp after use. You can use a low heated iron plate to help remelt and remove any pieces.

Rubber stamps come in a variety of designs from images of nature to abstract artistic patterns to fancy monogrammed initials. The possibilities of designs are endless so long as you keep it small for properly sealing envelopes.

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