Can You Use Crayons for Wax Seals?

Wax crayons are an alternative to typical wax beads used alongside wax seals. This can provide an opportunity to upcycle old crayons, test different methods, and achieve a unique wax seal.

In this article, we explore:

  • Why you would use crayons for wax seals
  • The different materials you need
  • How to use crayons for wax seals

Why Use Crayons for Wax Seals?

If you are already familiar with wax seals, you know that the most common waxes used for sealing are shellac or paraffin wax. These waxes may have additives, such as resin, to change their malleability, but they usually harden well without leaving behind unattractive residue.

These waxes are not always accessible, and you might want to branch out and try different products to test the results.

Crayons are an obvious choice because they are:

  • Popular
  • Accessible
  • Cheap

Odds are you already have crayons lying around your house, and you may not even be using them. Using them for wax seals provides the perfect opportunity to upcycle these crayons, and it allows you to create unique seals.

Recycling and Upcycling

There are plenty of projects out there that help you make use of every leftover crayon shaving you have, and wax seals are one of them.

Depending on which method you choose for heating your wax, you can easily melt down shavings or use broken crayons too small to color with.

You can create your own shavings for this project, but this is a fantastic way to use up any crayons that are too difficult to maneuver for coloring.

It can also bring new life to older crayons that are a bit too dirty or dried out to color with.

Unique Wax Seals

There are several unique crayons options out there, including:

Glitter Crayons

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Metallic Crayons

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Pearl Crayons

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These variations are often cheap and provide unique depth to your wax seals.

You can also use a mixture of crayon shaving to create multicolor designs, and it is easy to find collections of over 100 colors.

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What You Need to Use Crayons for Wax Seals

Using crayons as wax seals is not much different from creating wax seals with traditional tools.

You need to have:

  • Crayons for the seal
  • A way of heating the crayons
  • Paper or envelopes
  • Stamps or seals

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, and materials vary depending on your needs. In this section, we explain what your options are, as well as the benefits of certain materials.


You can use any wax crayons that you have at your disposal, but certain choices work better than others.

It is best to avoid beeswax crayons. While you should be able to melt them down without a problem, the wax is not considered strong enough to seal anything. Even if you intend to use it as decoration, the seal is likely to become brittle and will not withstand time.

Most school crayons should do the trick and they work best with the methods below.

Depending on the crayons you choose, you might also want to have a craft knife on hand to remove the wrappers. You can also use resin to make the seals harder if you find the crayon wax is too soft.

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Heating Method

There are a few ways you can head the crayons, including:

If you have the opportunity, try out a variety of heating methods. You might find that you prefer one over another, especially when using crayons for wax seals.

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Paper or Envelopes

You need something to drip or pour the wax onto.

There is not much to consider when picking paper or envelopes, but you should opt for something more durable. Sealed papers are less likely to soak up grease or oil from the crayon wax, and they can withstand the heat and manipulation of the process.

Stamps or Seals

The most obvious choice for sealing is using a vintage wax seal, but this is not your only option when using crayons for wax seals.

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You can also test out heavy-duty stamps like those used for pottery or even metal stamping. Most rubber stamps do not provide enough relief, and they are difficult to maneuver with the crayon wax.

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How to Use Crayons for Wax Seals

Again, the method for using crayons for wax seals is not far from the traditional method.

The largest difference you notice depends on your heating element, but the process is straightforward with a few considerations.

Prep Work

Start by removing any paper labels from the crayons. These are a fire hazard, and they only get in the way if you leave them.

Take the time to prepare the space you are working on.

Newspapers are a quick and easy way to cover your work area, but you can also use old tablecloths, cardboard, or anything else you do not mind getting dirty.

While the wax should not get too hot, your work area should be heat resistant. Do not work directly on a sealed wooden table or another sensitive surface.

Safety Warning

Be sure to check the ingredients in the crayon to make sure it can be safely heated up. Not all crayons are created with the same materials, and some may produce toxic gas if you try to heat up.

Heating the Crayon

Depending on the heating element you choose, this step varies.

  • Spoons: Add crayon shavings or small pieces of the crayons to the spoon, then heat it over a candle or a lit stove.
  • Open flame: Using a whole crayon, hold a flame to the tip of the crayon just above where you want your wax seal.
  • Hot glue gun: Choose a hot glue gun you can dedicate to melting crayons. Carefully feed the crayon into the gun, then plug it in. The crayon will ‌leak on its own when it is ready.

Do not leave any of these materials unattended when heating the crayon.

Applying the Wax

You need to apply enough wax to create a substantial seal, regardless of your method.

This usually amounts to one spoonful or several drops from the open flame or hot glue gun. If you want to mix, reshape, or swirl the wax, do so immediately after application.

You may need to test this a few times to determine the right amount of wax, so be prepared when using crayons for the first time.

Using the Stamp or Seal

After you get the wax onto the paper, let it cool for a few seconds. Most crayon wax is very thin when melted, and it needs the chance to harden up before using your stamp or seal.

Use light to medium pressure to press the stamp or seal into the wax. Hold it down for about 10 seconds to allow the design to set before removing the stamp. Make sure the seal is completely dried and hardened before you touch it.

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