Do Ballpoint Pens Smear?

Do ballpoint pens smear?

Most quality ballpoint pens are made from oil-based or alcohol-based ink that dries much quicker than other inks, reducing the chances of smearing on the paper.  There are tons of great ballpoint pen brands on the market today that produce quick-drying options that won’t smear or smudge while you write, making them perfect for everyday … Read more

Do Muji Pens Smear?

Do Muji Pens Smear?

There is nothing more annoying than pens that smear when you’re working with them, especially if you are left-handed. It’s challenging to write without smudging the ink, and smudged ink ruins even the neatest and prettiest work. Muji pens will smear if you don’t give them a little bit of time to dry. This means … Read more

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Refill

Have you ever wondered about getting a Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill for your pen, but felt unsure about whether this is the right refill, or if you need something different? There are so many pen refills in existence, that it can be challenging to know! Pilot Hi-Tec-C refills are popular because they fit a number of … Read more

6 Great Pens for Writing Outdoors

outdoor writing pen

We all have a favorite pen, but you might need something a little different when it comes to writing outdoors. Finding the best pen to write outdoors in varied weather conditions requires a different set of qualities than the average writing pen. When looking for an outdoor writing pen, you’ll want something reliable and robust … Read more

Are Tactile Turn Pens Good?

Are tactile turn pens good

If you have heard of Tactile Turn you probably care about your writing utensils. You want both quality and performance. I now use a Tactile Turn pen as my go-to “everyday pen.” I absolutely love it! Hopefully, this article will help you see why they are some of the best pens on the market today. … Read more