Do Ballpoint Pen Refills Expire?

do pen refills expire

If you have a drawer full of old pen refills that you bought and then forgot about, you might be wondering, do pen refills expire? Few things last indefinitely, but how long should these keep for and how can you tell if they are still okay? Most pen refills will eventually expire, although the speed … Read more

What Is A Good Everyday Pen?

What is a good everyday pen?

If you’ve ever lost your favorite pen (or had a colleague “borrow” it and never return it to your desk), you’ll know that not all pens are born equal. Some pens just have those special qualities that make them extra enjoyable to write with. The right pen is imperative for anyone who writes daily – … Read more

The Best Types of Fisher Space Pens

Is the Fisher Space Pen worth it?

Fischer Space Pen is a company that makes special pens designed to be used in any environment. These were originally designed to be used in outer space and their quality is unmatched. These are pens that can be used to write on almost any surface, at any angle, and in any environment. This includes writing … Read more

How To Fix a Clogged Gel Pen

how to fix clogged gel pen

Gel pens are pretty great, but they become difficult, if not impossible, to use when they get clogged. But do you really just have to throw them away and buy a new one when something like that happens? Is there any way to unclog a gel pen? Thankfully, there are actually a number of methods … Read more