The 11 Most Expensive Pens in the World

Montegrappa Pens

Fountain pens have an air of refinement and luxury about them that often relates to business and banking. Yet, for something designed to be used every day, some pens manage to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the most expensive pens in the world, you could even end up spending several hundreds of … Read more

How to Tell Which Cross Pen You Have (Identification Guide)

A.T. Cross Company has been manufacturing high-quality pens and pencils for nearly 200 years. With such a long history of products, it’s not uncommon to find Cross pens dating back several decades. However, if you’re not an expert in the field, it’s not always easy to figure out which model pen you’re using. By paying … Read more

Is Noodler’s Ink Good?

Is noodler's ink good?

When I first got into fountain pens, my friend gifted me with a bottle of Noodler’s Bulletproof Heart of Darkness Black. “This is the best black ink in the world,” she gushed. “I love this brand! Most of my favorite inks are from them.” As a fountain pen newbie, I couldn’t understand what the fuss … Read more

Are Waterman Pens Better Than Cross Pens?

Are Waterman pens better than Cross pens?

If you are trying to decide between a Waterman pen and a Cross pen, you might be struggling, because there’s a lot to think about with these two options, and no easy answer. Which will suit you better depends upon your personal preferences, so let’s compare these two brands so you can make a decision. … Read more

Why Are Montblanc Pens So Expensive?

Montblanc pens are not the most expensive pens out there, but they certainly are not cheap. Anyone unfamiliar with the brand may balk at the price, but there are several factors that merit the price tag. Montblanc pens are so expensive because of the brand’s: History of excellence Reputation and notoriety Effective marketing strategy Use … Read more

Are Cross or Parker Pens Better?

Why Parker Pen is so Popular

Luxury pens can get expensive, but brands like Cross and Parker fill the middle ground by offering quality at a modest price. The first hurdle you face is making a choice between the competitors. Parker pens are often preferred to Cross pens because of their durability and reliability, as well as the quality of their … Read more

Do Muji Pens Smear?

Do Muji Pens Smear?

There is nothing more annoying than pens that smear when you’re working with them, especially if you are left-handed. It’s challenging to write without smudging the ink, and smudged ink ruins even the neatest and prettiest work. Muji pens will smear if you don’t give them a little bit of time to dry. This means … Read more

Lamy 2000 Pen History

Lamy 2000 Pen History

For true pen connoisseurs, there are a few models of fountain pens that truly stand out as pioneers in the business of writing instruments. The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is one of those models, and the company that created it is still known to this day as being one of the greatest manufacturers of writing … Read more