What’s So Good About Sharpie Pens?

What's so good about Sharpie pens?

Sharpie has become a household name, even being synonymous with a permanent marker in some cases. Sharpie also makes some pretty outstanding pens in varying designs and styles. You might be wondering, out of all the pens out there, what makes Sharpie so special? Why are they so popular? What’s all the hype about? Sharpie … Read more

Is Waterman a Good Brand?

Waterman Expert Rollerball pen sitting in Gift Case

If you collect pens, you’re probably familiar with the Waterman brand. After all, its founder actually invented the first functional fountain pen, and it was so popular in the 1900s that about 7 out of 10 writing tools were Watermans. But the fountain pen market is fierce, and there are now hundreds of brands that … Read more

Montegrappa Pens: All You Need to Know

montegrappa pens

The Italian flair of the Montegrappa brand has graced the hands of its followers worldwide for over a century. The Montegrappa luxury pens continue to push the boundaries in fountain pen design and groundbreaking aesthetic ornamentation. If you seek a beautiful and functional pen, Montegrappa is up there with the pen-making greats.  Montegrappa is an … Read more