The 7 Best Pens for Med School

Best Pens For Med School

Anyone in med school already knows how much writing entails; from notes to your thesis to reminders and so much more, you can’t be without a good pen. That is why we created a list of the best seven pens to choose from specifically for this situation. The best pens for med school should be … Read more

Are Tactile Turn Pens Good?

Are tactile turn pens good

If you have heard of Tactile Turn you probably care about your writing utensils. You want both quality and performance. I now use a Tactile Turn pen as my go-to “everyday pen.” I absolutely love it! Hopefully, this article will help you see why they are some of the best pens on the market today. … Read more

Barack Obama’s Favorite Everday Pen

obama's favorite pen

Former President Barack Obama is an accomplished author with three books on the bestseller list. His most recent memoir, A Promised Land, published in 2020, sold 1.7 million copies in just its first week. So, it’s no wonder that people want to know more about Obama’s writing process, including his favorite choice of writing tools. … Read more

What Is A Good Everyday Pen?

What is a good everyday pen?

If you’ve ever lost your favorite pen (or had a colleague “borrow” it and never return it to your desk), you’ll know that not all pens are born equal. Some pens just have those special qualities that make them extra enjoyable to write with. The right pen is imperative for anyone who writes daily – … Read more

Why Are Muji Pens So Good?

Why are Muji pens so good?

Have you ever wondered why people are so enthusiastic about Muji pens? If you’ve seen the name of these pens flying around, you may be wondering what sets them apart from the competition – so let’s find out. Muji pens have a lot of great features that make them popular, including the fact that they … Read more