What are the Best Pens for Lefties?

best pens for lefties

If you’re left-handed, you already know the frustration of ink smudging as you write across the page. Pens with fast-drying ink are ideal for left-handed writers, as the ink dries quickly and doesn’t smear – and, perhaps just as important, doesn’t stain the side of your hand after writing.  So what are the best pens … Read more

Best Pens For Annotating Books

best pens for annotating books

When you’re studying, it can be beneficial to annotate the text so that it’s easier to find key content later. Annotating a book also promotes better understanding and retention of the text. But how do you pick the right pen? It depends on your style and the primary functionality you want in your writing instrument. … Read more

The Best Retractable Felt Tip Pen

retractable felt tip pen

Felt tip pens are great for smooth, rich ink lines, and having a retractable feature makes them even more convenient. Artists and writers alike can benefit from these pens, and that’s why we’ve decided to make some recommendations for retractable felt tip pens today. Our favorite retractable felt-tip pens are slow to dry out, comfortable … Read more

Are Paper Mate Pens Toxic?

Most of us have been told as kids not to draw on our bodies with pens or markers. The reasoning of course is the risk of ink poisoning! Have you ever wondered if the popular paper mate pens are toxic?  Paper mate pens are actually categorized as nontoxic pens. This means they meet certain criteria … Read more

Are Fountain Pens A Good Option To Use For School?

are fountain pens good for school

Over the years, there have been many debates on whether school-aged children should use fountain pens. Once kids transition from pencil usage, are fountain pens good for school? In this age of technology, there are two sides to this debate. Some people feel that handwriting is no longer important, others claim using fountain pens can … Read more