Fountain Pens That Use Bottled Ink

Writing with a fountain pen can be a unique way to tap into your creativity, but each pen is different. That’s why you need to be aware of which fountain pens use bottled ink and which ones use ink cartridges.  You should browse fountain pens that are specifically designed to fill with bottled ink, such … Read more

Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate?

Does fountain pen ink evaporate

It’s a scenario you may find familiar: you have an important document to sign and you need your trusty fountain pen. But you’ve not used it for a while and it’s dry, although you’re sure you replaced the ink cartridge the last time. Does fountain pen ink evaporate? Or do you have the ghost of … Read more

The Top-10 Best Pen Brands

The perfect writing instrument is essential for your everyday office equipment. Deciding the right one can be a challenge, especially with so many beautiful pens to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the best pen brands to help you select the perfect pen for you and your professional image.  When you own a smart-looking … Read more