Are Fountain Pens A Good Option To Use For School?

are fountain pens good for school

Over the years, there have been many debates on whether school-aged children should use fountain pens. Once kids transition from pencil usage, are fountain pens good for school? In this age of technology, there are two sides to this debate. Some people feel that handwriting is no longer important, others claim using fountain pens can … Read more

How to Hold a Fountain Pen

Writing with a Scriveiner Fountain Pen

Unlike disposable ballpoint pens, it takes a little more practice to master the fountain pen. You can’t expect to simply pick up a pen and immediately find its sweet spot. If anything, an incorrect grip could smear the ink, rip the page, and produce an ugly, scratchy font. Therefore, take time to practice your grip … Read more

How to Fill Your Pelikan Pen with Ink

Over the past several years, the Pelikan brand of pens has become known for delivering both value and bragging rights. Even though Pelikan isn’t always the cheapest fountain pen, they perform so well it justifies the price. Due to the distinctive nature of the ink reservoir within a Pelikan pen, the average user may often … Read more

How to Remove a Fountain Pen Nib

The nib of a fountain pen is simultaneously the most useful and most beautiful part of a pen. Nevertheless, it is also the most delicate part of the pen, and as such, requires special care and attention. If you wish to replace the nib of your pen, you’ll have to follow a careful set of … Read more