Can You Take Fountain Pens on Airplanes?

why does a fountain pen leak at high altitude

Can you take fountain pens on airplanes? Yes, you can. However, it is important to understand what is going on with your pen – and the ink within – during flight. This will lead to your taking some basic precautions that will hopefully ensure that there is no risk of an ugly spill from your … Read more

Comparing Fountain Pen Inks – Noodler’s Black vs. Heart of Darkness

Fountain pen inks come in a variety of colors and formulations. Some inks are designed to be waterproof or fade-resistant, while others are specifically made for calligraphy or artistic purposes. As one of the top ink manufacturers in the world, Noodler’s has a wide range of options and their Black and Heart of Darkness shades … Read more

How Long do Fountain Pen Cartridges Last?

If you like fountain pens, you may have wondered how long do fountain pen cartridges last, really? You may be surprised at the answer – inks stored in cartridges are surprisingly long-lasting, as we will discuss further below. There is a good reason that branded ink manufacturers typically do not provide a “use by” stamp … Read more

Why Is My Fountain Pen Scratchy?

The feel of a fountain pen flowing on smooth, premium paper, is a luxury that few understand anymore. It’s a lost art. However, sometimes when writing, there might be a hard, scratchy feeling, perhaps accompanied by a tiny splatter of ink. If this has happened to you and your fountain pen feels “scratchy.” Let us … Read more

How to Increase Ink Flow in a Fountain Pen

Ink flow is everything in a fountain pen, especially when you’re practicing calligraphy. There are several ways to go about increasing the ink flow in your fountain pen, even if only minutely. You can: “floss” your nib replace it prime it change the ink add water to your ink check your tine alignment on your … Read more

Do Fountain Pen Nibs Wear Out?

Every fountain pen user should be aware of the fact that the nibs on these pens will eventually wear out. Although their design is meant to last a long time, several factors may affect longevity.  A fountain pen nib wears out at different speeds. It depends on the pressure you write with, paper coarseness, frequency … Read more