How To Use Blotting Paper Fountain Pen

Have you ever wondered how to properly use fountain pen blotting paper but didn’t know where to start? This absorbent paper is essential for fountain pen users, whether you write every day or just occasionally.  There are a couple of ways to use blotting paper, but you should be sure not to blot too much … Read more

Is Iron Gall Safe To Use For Fountain Pens?

Iron gall ink isn’t some new fad or even something that was released within the last decade. In fact, it’s an ancient ink that has been in use since the 5th century AD. So, it can easily be associated with nibs and fountain pens as the two were inevitable for one another over the centuries. … Read more

Can Fountain Pen Ink be Used for a Dip Pen?

Can fountain pen inks be used for dip pens? To answer this question beyond a simplistic “yes” or “no”, or perhaps a more enigmatic “maybe”, we need to understand the physics of how fountain pens and dip pens work, as also the chemical differences between fountain pen ink and ink used by dip pens. The … Read more

Fountain Pens That Use Bottled Ink

Writing with a fountain pen can be a unique way to tap into your creativity, but each pen is different. That’s why you need to be aware of which fountain pens use bottled ink and which ones use ink cartridges.  You should browse fountain pens that are specifically designed to fill with bottled ink, such … Read more

Comparing Fountain Pen Inks – Noodler’s Black vs. Heart of Darkness

Fountain pen inks come in a variety of colors and formulations. Some inks are designed to be waterproof or fade-resistant, while others are specifically made for calligraphy or artistic purposes. As one of the top ink manufacturers in the world, Noodler’s has a wide range of options and their Black and Heart of Darkness shades … Read more