Field Notes National Parks Review

Field Notes National Park Review

You might have heard about Field Notes, especially if you’re into notebooks. This company specializes in the creation of timeless paper products and the National Parks series is one of their latest additions to the shop. Field Notes National Parks series memo books are sold in packs of 3. These tiny notebooks inspired by traditional … Read more

Field Notes Leather Cover Review

Field Notes Cover

Whether you’re an adventurer out documenting your finds about nature or just want to jot down your thoughts from time to time in the office, finding a high-quality leather cover for your Field Notes notebook is important to keep your writing safe, weatherproof, and protected. The best leather cover for your Field Notes notebook is … Read more

Are Muji Binders Good?

Are Muji Products High Quality?

Muji is a Japanese company that now has stores and an online presence across the globe. Part of the reason for this success is the quality of the company’s products leveraged with their affordable prices. Muji binders are good for a multitude of purposes, including taking school or work notes, sketching, journaling, and more. These … Read more

What Ink Colors Help You Memorize Better?

What ink helps memorize?

Did you know that colors can actually have an impact on the neurological pathways in your brain? Because every color has its own wavelength, each of them is going to affect your behavior and attention when learning in a different way. Red is the color that increases attentional level the most. Using red-colored ink will … Read more

Why Do I Keep Buying Notebooks?

Why do I keep buying notebooks?

Humans have been recording our thoughts, big ideas, and plans for thousands of years― although perhaps some of us have moved past scrawling stick figures on the walls. Notebooks are a popular method of writing things down. Honestly, there’s just nothing better than taking a pencil between your fingers and scribbling down your ideas. It’s … Read more

Are Moleskine Notebooks Vegan?

Vegans and animal advocates have a valid concern when checking if the products they buy are truly vegan. Even office supplies such as notebooks are sometimes made with leather derived from animal hide, which is why we’re getting to the bottom of the question are Moleskine notebooks vegan?  Lucky for vegan buyers, Moleskine notebooks are … Read more

How to Rip Pages out of a Composition Notebook

Removing pages from a composition notebook is a pain, especially if you don’t know how and you’re just trying to get rid of a few pages where you scribbled some quick notes that don’t belong with the rest of what the composition notebook was intended for. There’s a way to do it, however, that won’t … Read more

Can You Use Notebook Paper in a Printer?

When you look at printer paper you think “printer” and when you look at lined paper you think “writing.” It’s as simple as that and there’s never really any expectations of something more profound than that. However, if you happen to be out of printer paper, you may be wondering if you could run some … Read more