The 5 Best Pencils For Preschoolers

best pencils for preschoolers

Writing is one of the most important skills we learn as children and every parent wants to give their kids the right start. But where do you even begin, with so many products on the market? We will take you through the best pencils for preschoolers. Learning with the proper pencil and developing a proper … Read more

Pens That Write Like Pencils   

pens that write like pencils

Most folks would agree that writing with a pen is a world different than writing with a pencil – even if the two writing instruments look shockingly similar on the surface. Writing with a pen is permanent and unforgiving, whereas writing with a pencil gives you a lot more freedom to erase and rephrase your … Read more

What Is An HB Pencil?

Introduction Have you ever looked at the two letters HB inscribed on your pencil and wondered, what is HB pencil? These letters are seen everywhere, across various brands, so what do they mean? The letters HB on a pencil stand for “Hard” and “Black,” meaning that the graphite is hard the color is dark, and … Read more

My Mechanical Pencil Keeps Breaking: What Should I Do?

Mechanical pencils are a useful everyday tool for people across the world, but sometimes there are issues that can cause a mechanical pencil to break or become frustratingly unusable. The most common cause why a mechanical pencil keeps breaking is a lead jam, which occurs when the lead inside the pencil gets stuck, causing it … Read more

What Is An EE Pencil?

Most artists are familiar with the different pencil grades and what they mean. However, fewer are aware of the “EE” pencil grade. If this is your first time hearing about it you may find yourself wondering, what exactly is an EE pencil?  Well, simply put, an EE pencil is made using a mix of graphite … Read more

5 Tips On How To Erase Colored Pencil

Do you need to get colored pencil marks off of something? It’s not going to erase the way that a standard pencil will, but it is sometimes possible to remove it. Let’s find out how! You can remove colored pencil marks using several different techniques, including a colored pencil eraser, using tape, using a kneaded … Read more

How To Sharpen A Pencil Without A Sharpener

If you need to sharpen a pencil and you cannot find your sharpener anywhere, don’t panic. There are some other options, although you may find that they don’t produce quite such good results. Let’s find out how to sharpen a pencil without a sharpener. You can sharpen a pencil without a sharpener by using a … Read more