How To Install A Parker Fountain Pen Cartridge

Popular Parker Pens

Cartridge fountain pens allow users to easily refill ink, but you need to know how this installation process works for different types of fountain pens. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to correctly install Parker fountain pen cartridges.  To install a Parker fountain pen ink cartridge, you need to disassemble your pen by … Read more

Who Uses Fountain Pens These Days?

In the era of computers and smartphones, it may seem like there is no need for something as quaint as fountain pens. Who really uses fountain pens these days anyway? Many people would argue that there is no need for a fountain pen, or even the types of things you would use one for, like … Read more

How to Unclog Your Lamy Fountain Pen

Lamy has been in the business of producing and marketing fountain pens since 1966, becoming one of the more popular fountain pen brands (and all pens) in an increasingly packed marketplace. Given their well-deserved reputation, it’s not often that you will find yourself with a clogged Lamy fountain pen.  If your Lamy fountain pen ends … Read more

Are Fountain Pens More Environmentally Friendly?

There are many reasons one may wish to own a fountain pen as opposed to any other type, but one of the more surprising reasons is because they are supposedly better for the environment. So, are fountain pens more environmentally friendly than normal pens are? Believe it or not, fountain pens actually are more environmentally … Read more

How To Stop A Ballpoint Pen From Skipping

If you write by hand frequently, then you’re probably aware of how common it is for ballpoint pens to skip when left uncleaned or dried up on the tip. But luckily, there are a few ways you can stop a ballpoint pen from skipping by cleaning it and using it properly. You can keep a … Read more

Why Are Fountain Pens So Expensive?

Fountain pens have a certain image about them. They are generally seen as being more sophisticated and stylish than other types of pens and can be quite expensive. For this reason, they are often treated as a status symbol. Yet, what exactly makes a fountain pen more expensive than a standard rollerball or ballpoint pen? … Read more

Who are Mont Blanc’s Top Competitors?

Mont Blanc pens are some of the most popular luxury pens in the world. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and for a wide range of available products. Yet, Mont Blanc isn’t the only brand known for premier stationery. Several other top brands bump shoulders with Mont Blanc at the top as they compete … Read more

The Best Fountain Pens for Passion Planners

Passion planners are designed with motivation, life goals, and nonprofit efforts in mind, using quality paper and both structural and creative elements. Fountain pens are an ideal writing utensil for passion planners, which is why many users want to know which are the best fountain pens to write with.  Passion planner users should find a … Read more

Does Fountain Pen Ink Evaporate?

Does fountain pen ink evaporate

It’s a scenario you may find familiar: you have an important document to sign and you need your trusty fountain pen. But you’ve not used it for a while and it’s dry, although you’re sure you replaced the ink cartridge the last time. Does fountain pen ink evaporate? Or do you have the ghost of … Read more

The Best Fountain Pens Under $100

You wouldn’t normally consider a pen to be a luxury item, however, fountain pens are altogether a different story. Even the cheap ones will run you $20+, which is enough to buy 40 BIC ballpoint pens. Fountain pens are indeed a luxury item and a favorite collector’s item. Some of the most popular fountain pens … Read more