Can You Use a Rubber Stamp for a Wax Seal?

You don’t need to have a metal stamp to make a wax seal, a rubber stamp will work just as well. Rubber stamps endure a process called vulcanization to harden the rubber into shape when they are made which involves extremely high heat. Heated sealing wax by comparison is much lower in temperature so it … Read more

The Best Places to Buy Sealing Wax?

Wax sealing has been in practice since the Middle Ages, where it was used for official reasons, rather than for decorative or aesthetic purposes. Of course, that didn’t mean that royalty couldn’t embellish when they wanted to and they certainly did. Today, wax sealing is mostly used as a way to add some flare to … Read more

How to Clean a Wax Seal Spoon?

Wax spoons are often used with wax beads because it’s an easy way to make a wax seal. Simply warm the spoon, melt the wax, and pour it out over the envelope so that you can stamp it with your wax seal.  In most cases, all you need to do to clean the spoon is … Read more

How to Melt Wax for Seals

Wax seals have been around for centuries, especially as a way to seal letters from prying eyes. Today, there’s really no need for a wax seal, as modern envelopes seal better and more efficiently than wax ever could. However, it’s still fun, and the aesthetics are undoubtedly impressive.  Melting the wax to form a wax … Read more

Can You Use Candle Wax To Seal An Envelope?

You can use regular candle wax to seal an envelope, however it may fall off easily and leave oily marks on your letter. There are other waxes created especially for sealing that function much better.  This article will explain how to use candle wax for sealing envelopes and offers some alternatives if you want to … Read more

How to Make a Harry Potter Wax Seal

Hogwarts Letter Wax Seal

Have you ever wondered how to make a Harry Potter wax seal? These are a great way to make a Hogwarts letter look authentic and interesting, and it’s relatively easy to do it yourself at home. Without a seal, a letter looks incomplete and lacks the air of mystery carried by a sealed letter – … Read more

Is Sealing Wax Different From Candle Wax?

In a world where technological communications have become the norm, handwritten letters, and invitations are a way to infuse some personality and creativity into your messages. Who would want a Facebook invitation when you could have a well-thought-out invitation that sparkles with uniqueness? One of the special ways to make your letters stick out is … Read more

Can You Use Crayons for Wax Seals?

Using Crayons as Wax Seals

Wax crayons are an alternative to typical wax beads used alongside wax seals. This can provide an opportunity to upcycle old crayons, test different methods, and achieve a unique wax seal. In this article, we explore: Why you would use crayons for wax seals The different materials you need How to use crayons for wax … Read more

How To Properly Do A Wax Seal

If you love the old-world style and medieval works or writing, you may have wondered how to properly do a wax seal. A wax seal is a great way to make your crafts look authentic and mysterious, and they ensure that whoever opens your sealed letter gets a dramatic “snap” as they break the seal. … Read more

Can You Mail Wax Seals?

Yes, you can mail letters with wax seals through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The post office says wax can be used to seal parcels as long as the seal is “sufficient to allow detection of tampering.” Will Wax Seals Be Damged If Mailed? The problem is, wax isn’t exactly sturdy and durable. After … Read more