Cross Pens: All You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of a Cross Pen? These pens have been around for years, but what makes these writing instruments so prestigious? This article will inform you of Cross Pens and all you need to know! Especially if you are looking into purchasing the right one!

The A.T. Cross Company has provided luxury and style for over 150 years! Maybe you’re asking, what makes them different from any other pen? Or maybe you’re looking to find the best Cross Pen for you or someone else. We understand that when researching a product it’s important to know the quality and price to ensure satisfaction.

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These high-quality writing instruments sold by A.T. Cross Company. Over 173 years ago, Richard Cross founded the company in 1846 when he invented the first high-quality writing instrument. The Cross family derives from generations of professional jewelers. One could rightly assume that this is what sparked Richard’s unique idea of ornate gold and silver writing instruments. Why not write in style?

Are Cross Pens Expensive?

Cross pen prices vary from pen to pen. Which type of pen are you looking for? This is important to decide because A.T. Cross Company offers many writing instruments: ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, pencils, multifunction pens, refills, and pen sets. They carry quite the selection.

As far as prices go, they can be anywhere from mid-range to high-priced. One fact that causes Cross pens to stand out from others is that they offer a lifetime mechanical guarantee. This lifetime guarantee offers relief to the buyer investing in a high-priced writing utensil. Meaning, if there is a problem with your Cross Pen, take advantage of the lifetime mechanical guarantee and send it in!

What is the Best Cross Pen?

The answer to this question is relative because it depends on what you’re looking for in a pen. Do you prefer style over functionality? In reality, you can’t go wrong when choosing a Cross pen since their focus is on both functionality and style! Those jewelers know how to get the best of both worlds.

As mentioned before, because the answer to this question is relative there is a list of questions you should ask to discover which type of pen would be best for you.

Here are some questions to ask when deciding:

Will you be using this pen for art, or will you be using it at work, school, or to make a statement?

Type of pen:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Fountain pen
  • Multifunction pen (converts between pen and pencil)
  • Rollerball pen

What about style?

  • Gold
  • Black Silver
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange

The more questions answered will ensure that you’ll be capable of reaching the conclusion for which pen to buy. For example, if I were looking for a writing instrument to use at school, personally, I would want a multifunction pen. A multifunction pen will allow me to take notes at a quicker pace without having to switch between three separate writing utensils. After all, that could take a lot of time when professors tend to fly through slides.

Other Opinions on Cross Pens

It is always good to know what you want before making a purchase, but what do others have to say about which Cross pen is the best? According to Office Gear Zone,  in their article, “Top 15 Best Cross Pens in 2018”, the Cross Townsend Star Wars Limited Edition R2-D2 Selectip Rollerball Pen ranked as number one. This limited edition, capitalizing on millions of Star Wars fans, designed after R2-D2. Unfortunately, a limit of 2,000, means that not many are currently in stock.

Which still leaves the unanswered question, which Cross pen is the best?

Further reviewing their article, I noticed that Cross pens ranking in the first and second places include both limited editions. So I decided to look at which pen came in third place. Third place ranked the Cross Century II 10KT Gold-FIlled Ballpoint Pen.

Office Gear Zone comments that the Cross Century II provides smooth writing and comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

While researching on Amazon, I was able to go through reviews on Cross pens. One that caught my eye with over 1,500 reviews and was the most rated with four or more stars was the Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen by Cross.

As you get closer to which Cross pen has struck your interest, maybe you’re discovering that none they offer meet your ideal pen. Fortunately for you, A.T. Cross Company makes special customized/engraven pens! Engravening a name on a pen can add a personal touch and can ensure that if lost, it will be more likely to make it back to you. Whatever you decide to go with, know that A.T. Cross Company has been known for its reliable products throughout history. Including, the history of the White House!

Engraved Cross Pen | Personalized Cross Townsend Ballpoint Pen with Black Lacquer Finish and 23 karat Gold Appointments. Custom Executive Gift Pen.
  • Timeless American Sophistication: Showcasing a deep black glossy lacquer paired with 23 karat gold detailing, the...

Supplier of the White House

Did you know that A.T. Cross Company is the supplier of White House? CNN affirms this in their article, “Trump sticks with tradition for presidential pen choice”. Betsy Klein from CNN reported that Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton used the Cross Townsend pen, and later President Obama switched his pen to the Century II. Maybe knowing that Barack Obama used the Cross Townsend will influence which pen you get?

We hope this article has given you some guidance and information on Cross pens. Overall, you won’t go wrong in purchasing a Cross pen known for its reliability! Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Cross Pens: All You Need to Know”

  1. The lifetime mechanical guarantee is worth nothing. I have a 14K gold filled cross pencil that is not working. Cross said that they don’t have the parts to fix it and can’t fix it! Some lifetime guarantee! They said I could have a $20 credit for their website (on this $130 pencil) and the code they gave me doesn’t work! They have not responded to repeated emails.

    • Same situation with me…. lifetime guarantee on 14K gold filled with my initials given to me with sentimental value. It is needing the top cap piece that fell out… sent to them for repair. After 5 months they sent it back unprepared with a $20 credit. At least I got it back.

      Seems like their lifetime guarantee is false advertising.

      Dan Bohlke


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