How to Carry Around A Fountain Pen – Best Practices

If you are a fountain pen aficionado, then you know the importance of taking care of these valuable writing tools.

That’s why you need to know how to properly carry around a fountain pen. 

The best way to carry a fountain pen with you is to get a protective sleeve or case. You should also make sure you have a pocket on your person to store the pen or case. You can even clip fountain pens to shirt pockets, but you should avoid putting a caseless pen in your pants pocket. 

In this article, we’re explaining the most effective ways to carry a fountain pen around with you. Pay attention to the safety measures and products that work best to protect your pens from damage, snapping, and getting lost.

How to Carry Around a Fountain Pen – Cases

One of the safest ways to carry around a fountain pen is to keep it protected inside of a pen case. Some pen cases are designed to hold several, while others just hold one. 

Below are some examples of quality fountain pen cases that can easily fit inside a shirt pocket or pants pocket.

And if you want to carry around a larger quantity of fountain pens in a satchel, backpack, or briefcase, this one would do the trick.

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Carrying Fountain Pens in Sleeves

There are also sleeves or soft cases for carrying fountain pens with you. These aren’t as protective as a hard case and shouldn’t be kept in a pants pocket where they could bend. Without storing them in a protected area, they could get crushed or even snap.

Fountain pen users usually opt for sleeves when they want a more stylish option. With leather sleeves and vintage designs, you can carry your pens with class. These cases are typically smaller, too, which means you can easily slip them into a shirt pocket.

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Using Belt Holsters for Pens 

If you want quick accessibility with your fountain pens, you might consider a belt holster. Belt holsters hook onto your belt or a belt loop of your pants. They usually have a flap that can easily open so you can grab your pen(s) quickly. 

Pen holsters also come in varying sizes. Some may hold 3-5 pens, while others are for a single fountain pen.

One downside to this method of carrying fountain pens is that it somewhat limits your range of motion. When you bend over or sit down, you may notice that your pens push into your leg. You may also risk bending or snapping your pens when you bend over with a holster.

So, it’s not the safest option for carrying fountain pens on the go. However, it’s better than leaving them exposed to the elements.

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Clipping Pens to Shirt Pockets

Another option is to clip your fountain pen to your shirt front pocket. Now, this option is really only practical if your fountain pen(s) happen to be equipped with a clip at the bottom. It’s also only practical if you have a shirt with a pocket that you can wear. 

The one main downside to using your shirt pocket is that you risk ink stains. Without a proper pen case or sleeve, the pen could leak onto your clothing, or residue from previous use could rub off. 

Clipping Pens to Notebooks

You can do essentially the same thing with your notebook if you prefer to clip your pen(s). This is a preferable option for fountain pen users who want their pen(s) within quick reach. One advantage to this method is that your pen clip can double as a page marker in your notebook.

But again, keep in mind that you risk getting ink stains or leaks in your notebook. Anytime that fountain pen is left uncovered, the cap could come off and lead to an issue. 

Your notebook is also not the safest way to carry around your fountain pen. However, it will do the trick if you’re in a rush and don’t have a case or sleeve.

Using Pen Loops in Bags

Whether it’s a laptop bag/case, a backpack, or a purse, some bags have built-in pen loops. Usually, these come as elastic loops sewn into the fabric that stretches to clip a pen into. You don’t necessarily need a fountain pen with a clip to use these, but it will be more secure if you do. 

This option may lead to ink stains on your bag or damage to your fountain pens. So you have to be careful if you store your pens this way. 

Final Thoughts

Fountain pen users need to know how to carry around a fountain pen safely. Luckily, there are plenty of pen sleeves, cases, and belt holsters on the market with varying levels of security. 

A small, hard pen case is the best way to protect your pen from damage. However, if you don’t have a case of any kind, you can always clip your pen to your notebook or shirt pocket. 

Also, check out this Q&A from Goulet Pens on YouTube about carrying around fountain pens.

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