How to Clean a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

The LAMY Safari is one of the most popular and best-performing fountain pens on the market. Properly cleaning your Lamy Safari is the easiest way to have it on hand for years to come.

To clean a LAMY Safari fountain pen:

  • Rinse, flush, and soak the nib section
  • Rinse the converter (if needed)
  • Flush the feed
  • Set upside down and dry

In this article, we look at the process for cleaning LAMY Safari fountain pens both with and without a converter. We also explain how converter-users can get a deeper clean and how to store the pen to limit further cleaning.

How to Clean a LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Without a Converter

The LAMY Safari Fountain Pen is a cartridge replacement fountain pen, but most choose to use a LAMY Z 28 converter so they can refill using bottled ink.

If you only plan on using one color with your LAMY Safari Fountain Pen, or you have yet to purchase a converter, then cleaning the pen requires more disassembly.

You should clean your LAMY Safari Fountain Pen every few months, each time you replace your ink cartridge, or when you decide to change cartridge colors.

Cleaning the Nib Section

Start by uncapping the pen and then unscrewing the nib. Remove your old cartridge from the pen, then hold the nib under cool running water.

The movement should be sufficient to wash off any easily removable ink, making it easier to remove built-up ink or other grime.

Fill a cup with room temperature water, then place the nib section in there to soak. Keep an eye on the water and replace it when it gets saturated with ink.

Continue to do this until the water stays clear for 1 hour. Keep in mind that some inks take longer to clear off, including different colors from the same brand.

Drying the Nib Section

Drying the nib section of your LAMY Safari Fountain Pen is not intensive, but keep in mind you need to let it sit for about 24 hours to dry completely.

Gently wipe the nib section down using a soft, lint-free cloth. Take care not to snag the cloth on any parts of the nib section.

After, put some absorbent material (such as a washcloth, napkin, or paper towel) in the bottom of a dry cup. Place the nib section pointing down in the cup and let gravity take care of any leftover water.

When your nib section dries completely, install the cartridge and screw the nib section back onto the barrel.

How to Flush a LAMY Safari Fountain Pen With a Converter

You should flush your LAMY Safari fountain pen and LAMY Z 28 converter when you notice it writing poorly, in between refills, or when you are switching inks. 

Clean the Nib Section First

Start by disassembling the pen and cleaning the nib, similar to the process mentioned above. Rinse the nib under running water and then move on to rinsing the converter.

Rinsing the Converter

Use clean, room temperature water to flush your LAMY Z 28.

Fill and empty the converter until the water runs clear.

You may still notice leftover ink on the nib section or converter at this point, but do not worry; we will address this later.

Flushing the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

Partially reassemble your LAMY Safari fountain pen and LAMY Z 28 converter by reattaching the converter to the nib section.

Place the tip of the nib in water, and then flush the feed using the converter.

LAMY recommends you do this using two cups, one filled with water and one empty. Draw water up into the converter, then empty it into the second cup.

Repeat this process until the water runs clear.

If you notice any ink leftover at this point, soak the nib section using the above method to dissolve any residual ink.

Drying and Reassembling a LAMY Safari Fountain Pen with Converter

Let the nib section and converter of your LAMY Safari fountain pen dry separately, at least overnight but ideally for 24 hours.

Once the parts of your pen dry completely, you can piece them back together and refill your converter.

Cleaning the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Converter

How to Clean a Lamy Safari Pen
LAMY Safari (top) in red and Vista (bottom) fountain pens. By Yhr – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The LAMY Z 28 you can use with your LAMY Safari fountain pen is easy to take apart for deeper cleaning. Do this anytime you notice your converter does not flush clean.

Start by removing the piston ring. Twist the knob of the converter clockwise to pull the piston all the way up, then grasp the metal ring. You may need the assistance of grippy material such as a rubber band.

Twist the ring counterclockwise to remove, then gently pull on the knob of the converter to remove the piston mechanism. Clean the ink chamber out using room temperature water, and allow all the parts to dry completely.

At this point, you may want to apply silicone grease to the piston to keep it operating smoothly, but this is not required.

Reassemble your LAMY Z 28 by inserting the piston mechanism into the tube and ensuring it sits firmly. Replace the ring on the piston. LAMY Z 28 is notorious for needing a gentle squeeze to get this part back on properly.

Storing the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

To limit the cleaning needed for your LAMY Safari fountain pen and prevent damage, make sure you store it properly. Improper storage leads to issues due to dry ink and climate conditions, as well as the potential to damage the nib.

If you plan on storing your LAMY Safari fountain pen for an extended period of time, anything past a few days, make sure you empty the reservoir and clean it thoroughly beforehand.

Anything shorter and you should be able to just clean the nib.

Make sure you store your LAMY Safari fountain pen somewhere cool and dry that is out of direct sunlight. The pen can lay horizontal or with the nib pointing up.

For more storing tips check out our article on “storing a Lamy Safari pen.”

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your LAMY Safari fountain pen keeps it writing effortlessly smooth, and it saves you money on costly repairs or replacements. 

This only takes a moment, and as long as you remember to clean the pen regularly, you should expect the writing utensil to last through years of use.

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