How to Clean a Parker Ballpoint Pen [A Complete Guide]

Not a lot of people seem to know the importance of cleaning their ballpoint pens. However, not cleaning it out from excess ink, dirt, and grim can and will affect the way your Parker ballpoint pen works. 

In this article, we are going to go over the six quick and easy steps it takes to get your ballpoint pen writing smoother, looking better, and lasting longer than ever before.

  • Remove the Ink cartridge
  • Empty the Acess Ink
  • Clean the outside of the body and pen top
  • Let the Pen Dry
  • Reassemble the Pen
  • Store the pen in a safe space

 If you are ready to get your Parker pen back to pristine condition, this article is for you. 

6 Simple Steps to Clean a Parker Ballpoint Pen

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There are six steps that can make cleaning your Parker ballpoint pen seem effortless and will leave it looking as elegant and new as the day you first purchased it.

1. Remove the Ink Cartridge

The first step of cleaning your Parker ballpoint pen is removing the cartridge. Leaving the cartridge in place will block your access to the main part of the pen.

To do this, you first need to unscrew the body from the top of the pen. The cartridge sits right inside the body and typically comes out without a lot of force. If you find yourself struggling to get the ink cartridge out, it could be that there is a build-up of ink around the tip of the pen, gluing it into place.

2. Clear Out All Residual Ink 

The next step is to clear out all ink leftover inside the pen tube, which will also help if the tip is, in fact, stuck in place. The best way to do this is by cleaning it with warm distilled water. This is also the best way to remove the trapped ink tip as well. 

If you are struggling to get the pen apart or just to remove any residual ink from the top, dip the tip into warm water for a few moments allowing the ink to moisten and let loose, then remove the cartridge and clean the area with a soft cloth. 

While cleaning out the rest of your Parker pen, using a soft instrument to thoroughly remove the extra ink, suck as a Q-tip, is ideal. 

3. Clean the Outside of the Body and Pen Top

Vacumatic and Aerometric Parker 51s
Vacumatic and Aerometric Parker 51s parts

While keeping the inside of your Parker pen clean is going to improve its performance, cleaning the outside of it is just as important. This is going to keep it looking new and prevent them from developing signs of wear.

Because many of the pens from this brand are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and gold trim, it is best to stay away from harsh chemicals and only use warm water (preferably distilled.).

4. Let the Pen Dry

Never reassemble a wet pen; the trapped water can sit inside the small spaces of the pen and can, develop bacteria and can cause the beginning of corrosion and other problems that will likely ruin the pen. 

Access liquid in the pen tip will also distort the color of the ink and can cause the ink to become runny, likely making a mess on the paper you are writing on, your hands, or even your clothing.

The best way to dry a Parker ballpoint pen is to wipe it down gently with a soft fabric cloth and then let it sit out for a few hours to finish airdrying. 

5. Reassemble the Pen

Now that your pen is fresh and clean, and ready for use, you can begin to reassemble it. Luckily, Parker ballpoint pens are easy to assemble and shouldn’t give you too much trouble when putting them back together.

Simply slide the refill cartridge into the body of the pen, ensuring that the writing tip aligns with the opening at the top. Once securely in place, slide the end of the pen over the remaining portion of the ink cartridge, then twist the two sides of the pen back together. 

6. Store The Pen in a Safe Space

If your pen isn’t kept in safe storage space, you will risk the chance of something happening to the pen, such as scratching, ink spills, or wearing. 

According to the Parker website, the best place to keep your pen is inside its pen case or pouch with the ink cartridge retracted every time it is not in use.

Luckily, Parker has pen cases that look amazing and are perfect for storing your ballpoint pen, whether you are a collector or it is your favorite writing utensil that you tend to take everywhere you go.

Removing Ink from Clothing

Accidents happen, and in a rush, it can be easy to forget to retract the ink tip. If you find yourself in this situation and have an ink stain on your clothing, there is a simple solution to remove the problem area easily.

Parker suggests using Amodex ink remover as it is a highly effective way to rid your clothing of spilled pen ink without ruining the fabric. They also advise you to never place your clothes into a dryer with the ink still in place; doing so will dry and set the ink staining the item permanently.

When Should You Clean Your Parker Ballpoint Pen?

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It is recommended to do a thorough cleaning of your pen at least once every six months to a year. You should also clean the tip frequently, especially if it is your go-to writing utensils and gets a lot of use. This will prevent ink build-up and performance problems.

Besides a maintenance cleaning, you also want to wipe it down any time it starts to look dirty, or there is an ink spill or leak.

Summing Things Up

Cleaning your Parker ballpoint pen isn’t only necessary to keep it looking flawless; it is also a requirement to keep it in perfect working condition, giving you a smooth and effortless scribe every time.

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