How To Properly Do A Wax Seal

If you love the old-world style and medieval works or writing, you may have wondered how to properly do a wax seal.

A wax seal is a great way to make your crafts look authentic and mysterious, and they ensure that whoever opens your sealed letter gets a dramatic “snap” as they break the seal. In short, they are great fun – but how do you make one?

What Do You Need?

To make wax seals, you’ll need some sealing wax and a seal. You can use all sorts of things for a seal, but you will need a flat end with a shape printed on it. You can use stamps if you have them, or buy specific seals, or even a seal ring.

For example, this HZMAN Talisman Seal Ring has a cool constellation symbol on it and looks very dramatic when printed into the wax.

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If you would rather have something more traditional, consider these HANPABUM 2Pcs Stainless Steel Rings, one with a Celtic knot and the other with the tree of life.

Either of these can be used to print a pattern into the wax, or you can purchase themed seals, which often come with sealing wax.

Let’s look at how to use a seal that you have purchased first, and then we will move on to how you can create a homemade seal with your own design on it at home.

Here is a great Seal Stamp you can find on Amazon.

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How To Properly Do A Wax Seal

If you are going to make a proper wax seal, you should first decide what you are going to seal shut – whether a scroll or an envelope. Get the letter prepared and ready because once the seal is in place, you won’t be able to remove it.

Fold the envelope shut or roll the scroll up tightly, and then get your wax stick. Many wax sticks can be lit at one end to melt the wax, while others will fit into your glue gun; either will work fine.

Drip a rough pool of wax onto the paper so that the wax overlaps the edge, sealing the two sides together. Next, press the seal you are using firmly into the wax, making sure that the wax is pushed to the sides.

Hold the seal in place for about 15 or 20 seconds and then lift it off, being careful not to slip it to one side or the other (this will ruin the shape). Set the paper aside until the wax has cooled completely because it will be easy to squash it until it has hardened. This shouldn’t take long.

Once it’s cooled you are finished!

How To Make A Wax Seal Without A Proper Seal Stamp

If you don’t have a seal stamp, you may be able to make one at home or improvise one from craft items that you already have. You need a flat surface with a raised design so that this can press into the wax and shape it.

If you want to make your own wax seal, you need some air-dry clay or oven-bake clay. Roll this out into a cylinder so that you have something to hold, and then cut or flatten one end of the cylinder. This is the part that you will press into the wax.

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Next, take a sharp knife or a pin and cut your design into the end of the seal. Make sure you are making reasonably deep and wide grooves so that the wax can press into the gap when you push the seal into place.

It’s best not to make the design too complicated, even though some commercial seals are intricate. A homemade design will often look messy and confused if you make it too complex.

When you have a design that you are happy with, either bake the clay or leave it to air dry, and make sure it is completely hard and cool before you start melting your wax. If your seal is still soft, it won’t make a good shape.

How To Change The Color Of A Wax Seal

If you don’t like the color of the wax that you have, you may be able to paint it to change the color. Wax doesn’t take paint very well, however, so you may find that it’s better to use a glue gun to create your “wax” seal instead.

To do this, insert a clear glue stick into your glue gun, and warm it up. Squirt some clear glue onto your project and press the seal into it to create the desired marking. Allow the glue to cool and dry.

Next, take some acrylic paint in the color you like, and apply a thin layer to the glue. This probably won’t cover it fully, but don’t be tempted to add more paint immediately; thin layers are key here.

Allow the current paint to dry, and then add another layer. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the color you have achieved.

Be aware that this sort of “wax” may lose its color or chip, because the color doesn’t run throughout, and this kind of glue doesn’t take paint particularly well. However, for simple projects that don’t need to be hard-wearing and won’t be knocked or bashed, this is a great way to get the colors you like without having to buy many different kinds of wax.

You can even make pearly wax seals this way if you have the right paint, which is a great way to make your seal look even more special.

If you only have sealing wax, you can try applying thin layers of paint to alter the color, but you may have limited success.


It’s reasonably easy to make a wax seal yourself at home, even if you don’t have official stamps. However, if you want to make a lot of seals or you want a particularly professional look, you may find that it’s worth buying the proper supplies.

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