How to Unclog Your Lamy Fountain Pen

Lamy has been in the business of producing and marketing fountain pens since 1966, becoming one of the more popular fountain pen brands (and all pens) in an increasingly packed marketplace. Given their well-deserved reputation, it’s not often that you will find yourself with a clogged Lamy fountain pen. 

If your Lamy fountain pen ends up getting clogged, water is your best method of getting the clogged and dried ink out and flowing. There are a few different methods, depending on the mechanics of the fountain pen and also, the optional purchase of a flush kit.

When a clog occurs, the vast majority of the time, it has little to do with the manufacturer, especially one with a reputation such as the one that Lamy has developed over the years. New fountain pen enthusiasts take time to learn the ins and outs of preventative maintenance with their fountain pens. 

Of course, that’s completely understandable, and that’s what this article is about. We’ll show you how to clear the clog and also how to prevent such clogs from happening in the future. 

Cleaning a Clogged Lamy Fountain Pen

One note of importance is the fact that fountain pens are not all the same, mechanically speaking. Some serve dual purposes, but you have to swap out the internals to use whichever ink distributing method you prefer. 

  • Ink Cartridge System
  • Cartridge Converter System
  • Piston Filler System

Since all three are a little different in how they operate, they’re also a little different in how they are cleaned. So, we’ll start with the ink cartridge system and work our way down from there. 

Ink Cartridge System

This is by far the cleanest method for putting ink to paper. When one cartridge is done, you open the pen and insert the next cartridge, and it’s as simple as that. Its clean, effective, and fast. It’s also the method that tends to clog the pen up the least. 

  • Unscrew the middle section of the pen to access the cartridge
  • Remove the cartridge that you are currently using
  • Replace the cartridge with a converter
  • Put the pen back together and dip the nib into a glass of water
  • Use the converter mechanism to draw water up and inside
  • Discharge the water and get a fresh cup of water, or discharge the pen directly into the sink
  • Continue to do this until the water discharged is completely clear and clean

That’s all there is to it. It may seem a bit repetitive but it’s the best way to clear out all of the ink and know that it is cleared out. It’s best to just switch to a new cartridge, rather than using the one that was in there when it clogged up. 

Piston-Filled and Convertor

There’s nothing new that you need to do here outside of breaking the pen down and using the water method to suck into the piston/convertor and discharge it over and over until the ink is no longer present in the water.

If your pen is older, then the ink blockage may be more severe, not because the mechanics inside the pen are failing, but because it’s easier to clog when something does go wrong and the clogs are typically worse. 

The only new thing that you have to do is a bit of the old. Simply spend far more time pulling water in and discharging it from the pen. 

Invest in a Flush Kit

Flush kits do what we explained above, using water to flush out the clog and any additional ink residue, but they do it at an expedited level. It’s like a water flush on steroids and if there is a clog that a flush kit won’t clear, then the pen is lost and you may as well toss it. 

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  • REVITALIZES SEALS AND GASKETS — Other products damage them, making them brittle and dry, the Ultimate Pen Flush...
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The best part about a flush kit is that they are cheap and highly effective. Any fountain pen owner should always have one in their preventative maintenance kit. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to break it out, however, Lamy pens won’t normally present you with a “worst-case scenario.”

Practice Preventative Maintenance with Your Lamy Fountain Pen

If you have a solid routine and use plenty of preventative maintenance with your Lamy fountain pen, it’s not likely that you will ever have a significant clog that you will have to deal with. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips you should regularly practice:

  • Know how to store your fountain pen for short and long term periods
  • Keep a store of Q-tips, water container, bulb syringe, toothpicks, and silicone grease handy
  • Clean your Lamy fountain pen by flushing it, once per week
  • Always ensure that your pen is in a cool, dry place
  • Check your nib alignment routinely
  • Use silicone grease for sticky converters

Three-quarters of all clogging problems are caused by a lack of preventative maintenance and we get it, things happen. Sometimes you just don’t have time to truly sit down and spend some time cleaning your pen. 

Perhaps you’re having a tough week and it just slipped your mind. It happens. However, if you establish a good routine, you’ll be more prone to sitting down once per week and cleaning your pen up. 

Honestly, it’s a pretty easy job. For full cleaning, all you need to do is what we outlined above with a water flush. Break your pen down as far as it will go and break out the Q-tips. Be sure to use the damp tips to wipe down and clear out every piece. 

Don’t leave anything untouched. When you’re completely done. Reassemble your pen, remember to refill the convertor, or place a new ink cartridge inside for future use. Do these things routinely and your Lamy fountain pen will last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Unclogging a Lamy fountain pen is a pretty easy task but ensuring that it doesn’t happen again requires a little more time and discipline. Lamy fountain pens are fantastic writing instruments and if you’re the lucky owner of one, 20 minutes of sit-down cleaning, once a week is a small price to pay. 

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