Is Parker a Luxury Pen? And Should You Purchase One?

Parker is a well-known brand of pens that have been around for over 130 years. But what’s so special about them, and are they worth buying?

Parker pens have a history of quality. They are certainly a luxury compared to most pens but will last much longer. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, a Parker pen can definitely be a good investment.

Still can’t decide if Parker pens are for you? That’s fine! This article will give you all the information you need to make up your mind, and then some.

Are Parker Pens Worth It?

Parker pens can be pretty expensive. Are they really worth the price? And do you really need one, or are they a luxury few can afford?

Is Parker a Luxury Pen?

To figure out whether or not Parker pens are considered ‘luxury’, we must first understand what that means. The definition of ‘luxury’, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is something that is not necessary, pleasant to have, and most importantly – expensive.

So by that definition, is Parker a luxury pen? Let’s find out.

  • While pens, in general, are a necessity, it’s not necessary to have a nice one. You can easily get by with just the regular pens you can get from almost any store. Parker would definitely fit in this category.
  • Parker pens are of excellent quality and are built to last for years. The company is so certain of this, in fact, that they offer a two-year warranty for each of their pens. That certainly sounds pleasant to have.
  • Parker pens on Amazon range from around $4 at the cheapest, to a whopping $5,000 at the most expensive. $4 may seem cheap, but you can pick up a pack of a dozen pens at Staples for the same price. For a pen, even the cheapest Parker is definitely expensive.

There you have it. According to the dictionary definition, Parker pens would absolutely be considered a luxury. So you don’t technically need one… but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t get one anyway.

Popular Parker Pens

Why Buy a Parker Pen?

If they’re so expensive, why wouldn’t you just stick with regular pens? Well, you can, if you want to. However, you’d be missing out on a lot. For example:

  • Parker pens are incredibly durable. The Parker website describes them as a companion for life’. 
  • Parker pens are also extremely well crafted, with much of the work being done by hand. That’s much better than the usual mass-produced products!
  • As mentioned, Parker pens come with a two-year warranty, so you’re covered on the off chance that something does happen to damage your pen. You also have the option to extend that warranty for an additional two years.
  • Parker also has care guides for each type of pen on their website, so you can extend the life of your pen even further.
  • While you do have to purchase refills, the price for those is much more reasonable than the pen itself. On Amazon, refills range from $0.80 to around $10 per refill, depending on the type of pen.
  • If you pick a fountain pen, try it out, and realize the nib isn’t right for you – and it’s within 28 days of your purchase – you can exchange it for a different size nib for free.

As you can see, even though Parker pens are fairly pricey, the cost is definitely worth it. Imagine never having to buy a pen again and only paying for the occasional refill – sign me up!

Which Pen Should You Buy?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably considering buying a Parker pen or two for yourself. But with all the different pens Parker has made over the years, how are you supposed to find the best option for you? 

Well, look no further! Here you’ll find plenty of information about the various pens you can choose between, gathered together for your convenience. First, let’s look at the different types of pens that Parker makes.

Types of Parker Pens

Parker makes three different types of pens, each suited for a different style of writing.

  • Ballpoint and gel pens are closest to the everyday pens you’re already used to. They’re great if you don’t need anything fancy, but just want a pen that will last a long time.
  • Rollerball pens are similar to ballpoint pens, except that they use water-based ink as fountain pens do. They’re especially useful for people who get hand cramps, as the way the ink works doesn’t require a lot of pressure.
  • Fountain pens are the fanciest option – as well as the most complicated to refill. They offer an especially smooth writing experience but aren’t nearly as versatile as a regular old ballpoint.

There’s no one right answer as to which pen is the best – it all depends on which type suits your writing style most.

The Best Parker Pens

Now that you know the basics of each type of pen, what about the options as far as the individual pens themselves? Parker has lots of options there as well, with eight collections currently available.

  • The distinguished Duofold Classic has been around since 1921 and is available as a ballpoint or fountain pen.
  • The Sonnet is built for precision and is available as a ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain pen.
  • While the Parker 51 wasn’t released until a few years later, the design work was completed in the Parker company’s 51st year, giving it its name. It’s available as a ballpoint or fountain pen.
  • The Urban is dynamic and bold and is available as a fountain or ballpoint pen.
  • The Parker IM is dependable and refined and available as a fountain or ballpoint pen.
  • The Jotter is both timeless and stylish and is available as a fountain, ballpoint, gel, or ballpoint XL pen.
  • The Jotter Originals were created in 1954 and have a wonderfully retro vibe. They’re available as a fountain, rollerball, gel, or ballpoint pen. They’re also the most affordable on the list – you can get a four-pack on Amazon for only $15.
  • The Vector XL is large and impressive and is available as a fountain or rollerball pen.


Parker pens can be pretty pricey – but there are reasonably priced ones as well. And due to their durability, good reputation, and a multitude of options, they’re absolutely worth the money.

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