Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Review

When it comes to choosing a fountain pen, doing a good amount of research is a critical aspect of getting a pen that you love. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to pens, so we’re going to run through a Kaweco Sport fountain pen review today.

A Kaweco Sport fountain pen has a lot of benefits, including its size, which is three-quarters the length of many other fountain pens, making it perfect for tucking into a pocket. It is comfortable to hold, and the cap has some threads to help you grip it. The nib is fine and delicate.

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There are many factors to take into account when you are selecting a pen, so let’s explore the Kaweco Sport in more detail and find out if it’s the right one for you!

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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Review

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Package
Kaweco Sport Packaging

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen has some major benefits that you will want to take into consideration when choosing – as well as a few things that you may find you don’t like so much. Let’s start by exploring the benefits, which include:

  • A good grip
  • A shorter pen to make it more convenient for traveling with
  • A stunning aesthetic, with gold-colored detailing on the barrel, cap, and nib
  • It’s affordable, often coming in at a price point below the gold-plated and high-end options
  • It writes beautifully, with almost no skipping or hard starts
  • You can choose from a few different customizations, including an octagonal sports clip with an art-deco design or a plain version
  • A robust nib; it’s stainless steel, so it will stand up to some abuse and won’t lose its shape or wear out too quickly

It’s worth noting that the nibs of these pens have a bit of flex in them, which could be counted as a pro or a con, depending on your preferences. If you prefer a stiffer nib, you will probably find that the Kaweco Sport pen isn’t particularly well suited to your writing style, but if you like just a little flex in the nib, it should work well for you.

In terms of its aesthetics, a Kaweco Sport fountain pen is likely to be appealing if you’re fond of the classic shape and somewhat utilitarian look. It also has a screw cap, so there’s no need to worry about the cap coming off in your bag, and ink leaking everywhere. With that in mind, let’s look at the advantages in more detail!

The Pen’s Grip

Kaweco Sport Posted
Kaweco Sport with the cap Posted

If you find that a lot of pens slip when you’re holding them and you have to pinch them hard to grip them properly, you will like the Kaweco Sport fountain pen. It is quite slim and narrow, which may make it challenging for some – but the threading on the cap makes it a lot easier to hold. The rest of the barrel is smooth plastic.


Kaweco Sport With the Cap on
Kaweco Sport With the Cap on

Because the Kaweco Sport is shorter than many other fountain pens, it’s ideal for slipping into a pocket or bag. It only measures around 10.5 cm when it has its cap on, which makes it very easy to carry.

You might think that would make it annoying to write with, but you can put the cap on the far end of the pen when writing, and this extends the length of the pen and makes it easier to write with.

You can see below how the Kaweco Sport compares to other pens. It’s slightly larger than the Fisher Space Pen Bullet. However, when I write with the Kaweco Sport it doesn’t feel like a small pen, whereas the Space pen does feel small.

Kaweco Sport compared to Other Pens
Kaweco Sport’s size compared to other popular pens

If you don’t put the cap on the end of the pen, you may find that it’s a little uncomfortable to hold, although it is still possible. With the cap, it’s about an inch longer, making it close to the size of a standard pen.

It’s Affordable

If you’ve been researching fountain pens, you will already be aware that it’s easy to spend a lot of money purchasing one – but if you aren’t ready to pour hundreds of dollars into a nice fountain pen, a Kaweco Sport is a great starting point.

One of these pens can cost as little as $20 from Amazon, although some designs are a little more pricey, at around $60. Remember that you will have to buy the refills – but these tend to be inexpensive too, and the pen is undoubtedly worth its price point.

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen Grey F
  • The Kaweco Sport fountain pen with 23 carat gold-plated steel nib with fine nib width
  • Classic design made of high-quality plastic in historical colours - convinces with the latest technology - pleasant feel...
  • The 20 g light Kaweco fountain pen has an ideal pocket size with closed cap (10.5 cm) (cap attached 13 cm)
  • The production is carried out by hand and individual control in the pencil city of Nuremberg
  • First-class quality functionality and best service have always been in the foreground

You may also want to invest in a clip for this pen, which will cost a few more dollars. This isn’t necessary, but it lets you clip the pen onto your bag, which many people find helps them to keep it handy. A lot of people find that the pen feels incomplete without the clip, so it’s a little annoying that the pen is sold without it, and you should budget for the addition.

Good Writing

Kaweco Sport Writing Sample
Kaweco Sport Writing Sample

The most important aspect of a pen is how well it writes, and the Kaweco Sport is excellent. It creates a smooth flow of ink without you having to identify a particular sweet spot, and it doesn’t skip when writing. The nib is stainless steel, colored gold, and comes in a variety of different styles, so you can have a thicker or thinner tip, depending on your preferences.

It’s also easy to take the end apart when you want to clean it, so if the ink does dry in the nib, it’s just a case of taking it apart and washing it out. This should prevent any issues from disrupting your flow of writing.

A Robust Nib

Kaweco Fountain Pen Nib
Kaweco Sport Nib

There’s nothing worse than finding a pen that you love, and then discovering that it loses quality over time. If you buy a pen with a low-quality nib, this is likely to happen, because the material will gradually get ground down as you write with it. The more you use the pen, the faster this will happen.

Fortunately, because the Kaweco Sport utilizes stainless steel in the nib, it should last well and withstand years of use.

Disadvantages Of The Kaweco Sport

There are a few issues that you might run into with the Kaweco Sport, and perhaps the biggest is that the barrel tends to be made of plastic. This does make it light and comfortable to hold, but it’s not as strong as a steel barrel, and if you drop the pen, there’s a risk that it could break.

Kaweco Sport Body
Kaweco Sport Body

Some people also dislike the aesthetics and are looking for something more modern and sleek. This is coupled with the fact that the finish of the pen collects prints and scratches quite quickly, which is frustrating for people who like their pens to look pristine.

A further disadvantage is that the converter doesn’t come with the pen, so you will need to purchase this separately, which increases the cost. Additionally, because the pen is so compact, the ink cartridge is small and will need changing regularly. This can be a little frustrating for people who use their pens a lot, especially if you struggle to remember to carry the cartridges.


If you are looking for a budget fountain pen that writes well and is highly attractive to look at, the Kaweco Sport has a lot to offer. It isn’t the perfect pen, but for the price point, it offers superbly good value and it’s compact, lightweight, and comfortable to write with, so it ticks pretty much all the important boxes.

If you are interested in purchasing the Kaweco Sport, you can conveniently buy it on Amazon.com

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen Mint EF
  • Ink colour: blue
  • Authentic
  • Diameter - Grip: 8.9mm
  • Length - Capped: 105mm
  • Length - Posted: 130mm

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