Montblanc Pens: All You Need to Know

Do you find yourself eager to learn more about the luxury writing instruments produced by Montblanc, you’ve come to the right place. These pens are distinctive due to their design. This article reviews the origin of Montblanc Pens to the best Montblanc Pen. Do pens interest you, check out Cross Pens: All You Need to Know

What are Montblanc Pens

Holding a montblanc pen
This is my Montblank Meisterstuck Classique

Highly regarded within the penmanship community Montblanc pens are high-quality instruments, with longevity, and a reputation of extravagance. Montblanc pens make a statement with their bold design and beauty and have been used by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Barack Obama. One headline from 2015 reads “Meet the $935 Pen That Turns a Scribble Into a Status Symbol,” in reference to the Montblanc Meisterstück pen.  That headline captures the essence of what Montblanc provides. Using a Montblanc pen feels good and will turn the heads of those around you.

The Origin of Montblanc Pens

The  Montblanc company has been around for more than one hundred years, beginning with the production of simple pens in 1906 in Germany. The company leadership changed hands and higher quality pens began being produced and sold in 1909, with the iconic Meisterstück (“Masterpiece” in English, the name used for export) following in 1924.

The term Montblanc derives from the French term “mont blanc” which translates to “white mountain.” In fact, the name Montblanc has specific reference to the tallest mountain of the Alps and its six-pointed snow cap logo represents the Mont Blanc snowcap from a birds-eye vantage point. This logo is a distinctive and recognizable sign of quality and status. 

Why are Montblanc Pens Special

What sets Montblanc pens apart from the rest? Montblanc pens have a history of high quality and regard. In each pen, there is a deep history of luxury and success, which is evident in the superior quality of these pens. The process of manufacturing a Montblanc Meisterstuck pen nib (just the nib!), which is generally made from gold and rhodium, involves roughly thirty-five steps. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, consider the fact that these steps are performed by hand, rather than being automated by a machine! Still performed today is the same process in Hamburg, Germany, at Montblanc’s production facility. Beginning in the year 1930, the nibs of Meisterstuck pens have been engraved with the number 4810, which is the height in meters of Montblanc, the mountain found in the Alps.

Status Symbol

A Montblanc pen is a status symbol. It is a statement piece. It is the mark of a distinguished writer or signer. Montblanc is to the pen industry what Rolex is to the watch industry. A step above its competitors, a sign of a certain attractive lifestyle and prestige. A Montblanc pen can set you apart from others, whether you are a writer or a business professional.

Collector’s Item

Montblanc pens have always been a collector’s item. These pens can last a lifetime and beyond, and even longer if they are well taken care of. The company has introduced a variety of limited edition pens, such as the James Dean line of pens or the Ernest Hemingway pens. These limited edition items hold additional sentimental value, and can also carry additional monetary value. See below for more information about the appreciation in the value of Montblanc pens!

Do Montblanc Pens Appreciate

Yes, they can appreciate in value! However, as with most investments, there is no guaranteed profit. You may wonder why items such as pens could appreciate in value in today’s digital world, but that is due to the nature of these high-end writing instruments. When making a purchase, buyers generally look for rarity and rich history. Montblanc pens can deliver in both of these avenues. 

This can be seen even more clearly when considering the limited edition pens that Montblanc has released. These releases include pen lines such as the Lorenzo de Medici pen and the Ernest Hemingway pen. As this article is being written, a Lorenzo de Medici pen can be found being sold in an online auction website for more than $7,000. That is significant, especially when you consider that the pen was originally sold for $1,285 when it was released in 1992. This incredible return was made possible by the scarcity or rarity of the pen, as only 4,810 pens were produced, and the history and legacy of the pen’s namesake, Lorenzo de Medici.

Montblanc Fountain Pen
Photo by Montblanc

What is the Best Montblanc Pen? 

Montblanc Pen

Asking which Montblanc pen is best can lead to many different answers: the options are endless. Montblanc, known for its reliable, luxury writing instruments ensures the highest quality in its products and you can’t go wrong when making your choice. 

So what is the best Montblanc Pen? Well, that depends! Which feature is most important to you? Do you crave the statement established from the use of a Montblanc pen? Are you going for the distinctive look of a Montblanc fountain pen for use in signing documents? Do you want the sleek look of a Montblanc ballpoint pen for everyday use?

If you are looking for the best Montblanc pen for everyday use then you should consider the Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique Gold Rollerball. Rollerballs are great everyday pens, especially if you are not comfortable writing with a fountain pen. If you are looking for an everyday fountain pen consider the classic Meistertuck 146 (especially if you find one manufactured in the 80s or 90s).

If you want the best overall Montblanc pen, consider the Starwalker. According to the website, Top Ten Review Pro, ranking at number one for its unique finish and luxurious packaging is the Montblanc 105653 Starwalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen. Its finish includes a sleek, glossy black barrel with red gold accents and will look great on you! This pen line is both a ballpoint and as a fountain pen (with a platinum finish).

Best Sellers

However, on Montblanc’s official website, displaying first under the “Our Best Sellers” tab is the Montblanc M Fountain Pen. If one thing can be known for certain, it is that the Meisterstuck is iconic for its sleek, classic design. This can be a great place to start if you’re looking to enter the scene of Montblanc pens.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Hommage a Frederic Chopin Fountain Pen 145, Black with Gold Trim 01518 Classique Style 106514
  • Black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem
  • Three gold-plated rings embossed with Montblanc brand name
  • Shaft and cap made from jet black high-grade resin
  • The white star Montblanc emblem on the lid

How Much is a Montblanc Pen

Montblanc pens can range from high prices in the thousands to mid-range prices in the hundreds. The price relies heavily on which product you buy!  The lowest price I can find for a new Montblanc pen is the  Montblanc Pix Blue Ballpoint Pen, BP, MB 114810, listing at $152. This will be a reliable ballpoint pen that would be useful to you. However, if you’re looking for a fountain pen, the type of pen that Montblanc is more well-known for, it would be the Montblanc Meisterstuck Black Fountain Pen 112676. Seen here with rose gold plating and listed at $335 at the time of writing. If you want to combine the ease of writing of a ballpoint pen with the smooth writing feeling of a fountain pen, you won’t go wrong with the Montblanc PIX Black Rollerball Pen, Model 114796, listed at $335 at the time of this article.

Here is the MONTBLANC Meisterstuck Classique: 

MONTBLANC Meisterstuck Classique Gold Rollerball (12890)
  • Genuine Mont blanc with Floating star on cap
  • Rollerball refills with stainless tip are avalible in black, blue, green, red
  • Made in Germany

Higher End

If you’re looking for the higher end of the spectrum, I’ve got you covered! A premium ballpoint pen, such as the Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire Blue Hour Midsize Ballpoint Pen, is an excellent choice. Its sleek and glossy black finish and silver accents are a treat to the eye. This seems right as with a price tag of about $1,060!

Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire Blue Hour Midsize Ballpoint Pen
  • Blue-lacquered cap and barrel with hexagon pattern
  • Platinum-coated fittings with precious-resin inlaid finial
  • Midsize falls between the Classique and LeGrand ballpoint pens
  • Twist-cap mechanism
  • Made in Germany

The Montblanc Meisterstuck Unicef 2017 Solitaire Mid-Size Ballpoint Pen 116085 is currently listed at $2,600. It is truly a sight to behold with intricate designs in honor of the famous trumpet master. This limited edition pen would be a great addition to your collection. This particular pen appears to be close to selling out, so grab one while you can! If you’re looking for a rollerball, look no further than the Montblanc John F. Kennedy Special Edition Ballpoint Pen 111046 for a platinum-plated brass barrel with black lacquer stripes. This striking pen will set you back $900 but it looks to me like it would be worth it.

No products found.

With such a wide range of prices, you are almost sure to find a Montblanc pen out there that will suit both you and your spending needs!

Person writing with Montblanc pen
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

What is the Most Expensive Montblanc Pen

Montblanc often teams up with other manufacturers to create extravagant one-time pieces. Some of these have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We compiled a list of the most expensive Montblanc pens sold.

The most expensive Montblanc pen sold on the Montblanc website in May 2019 is the Luciano Pavarotti Limited Edition 888 Fountain Pen at $9,200.00. Keep in mind that other Montblanc pens sold by other collectors may carry an even greater price tag, considering that such pens are a potential investment. The value will increase with the passage of time and the increased scarcity of the pen.

Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to add to the discussion! Thank you for reading, and please check out our other articles!

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