Best Stamps for Sealing Wax

sealing wax

Do you find personalizing a letter or gift interesting? Sealing wax with your own personal stamp can spark joy to both you and the recipient. It is a sure sign of distinguishment and taste. This article will focus on the best stamps for sealing wax. If you find sealing wax interesting, please see our article … Read more

Which Fountain Pen Nib Should I Get?

To determine the best nib for you, it’s best to start by evaluating your handwriting preferences. Asking a few simple questions can help you avoid buyer’s remorse when purchasing your first one. Once you’ve determined how you will be writing with your fountain pen, you can then compare your preferences to the nib type and … Read more

Why You Should Use a Multicolor Pen

Origins of the Multicolor Pen Although Bic would love to portray the multicolor pen as being hundreds of years old, such as depicted in this video, Bic first sold their well known “4-Color Bic Pen” in 1970. While seen as a novelty at first, people soon realized the utility that could come by packaging 4 … Read more

All About Fountain Pen Ink

When it comes to fountain pen ink there is much to consider. One choice you will have to decide is what type of ink to use. It can come both bottled and in cartridges and both have advantages and disadvantages. You also have to consider which is the best brand, and how to avoid buying … Read more

Rollerball Pens: All You Need to Know

rollerball pen

What is a rollerball pen? A rollerball pen, like a ballpoint pen, has a ball-in-socket mechanism connected to an ink source. It is used to mark up a surface when applied. Some dictionaries define rollerball pens as simply a type of ballpoint pen, or a ballpoint pen that uses thinner ink.  The easiest way to … Read more

Ballpoint Pens

ballpoint pen

If you’re looking for a smooth-writing and quick ink drying pen, ballpoint pens may be for you. Not only are ballpoint pens often much more economical than other types of pens, but they are also commonly known for their long-lasting ink refills. This type of pen is by far the most frequently used writing instrument … Read more

Cross Pens: All You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of a Cross Pen? These pens have been around for years, but what makes these writing instruments so prestigious? This article will inform you of Cross Pens and all you need to know! Especially if you are looking into purchasing the right one! The A.T. Cross Company has provided luxury and … Read more

How to Make a Quill Pen

Quill pens are the perfect writing tool if you’re looking to write with an unmatched stroke and greater flexibility. Quill pens were used long before dip pens, and have lasted the test of time because of their unique writing abilities. Find out how you can make your own quill pen below! If you find quill … Read more

The 6 Best Notebooks for Travel, Organization, and More!

Has your mother been nagging you about journaling again? Well, now’s the time to listen. We’ve hand-picked the best journals of 2019, and we think you’ll be impressed. Whether you’re a traveler, an avid writer, a doodler, or a student who just needs a notebook for class, we’ve got you covered! Whatever your style, you’re … Read more

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen

Fountain pens were the long-awaited answer to pens you had to repeatedly dip in ink. They created a more efficient writing experience compared to quills and other dip pens. With the ink already in the pen, you no longer had to pause to dip or remember to carry around your ink container. They have become … Read more