Gold Pens

Gold as of late has made its way back on the popularity list. At one time or another, trends throughout time seem to favor either gold or silver. Do you choose a gold or silver wedding ring? Gold or silver decor in the home? With gold being aesthetically appealing we often see quotes with beautiful … Read more

Sealing Wax: All You Need to Know

This article reviews the history of sealing wax and all you need to know! Whether you’re just curious about sealing wax or looking to make your own, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll respond to frequently asked questions including whether or not you can use a candle in place of sealing wax. Even with … Read more

Facts and History of Quill Pens

how to write with a quill

While the first true writing instruments were made by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia almost 5,000 years ago, writing tools have evolved over time just like technology as a whole. Among the many writing tools used is the quill pen, which has lasted for centuries and is still used today by calligraphy artists and antiquity geeks. … Read more

Introduction to Quill Pens

Quill Pen

This article is an introduction to quill pens. It mentions where to buy quill pens, how to write with a quill pen, and how to care for your quill pen. Let’s dive in! Quill pens are also known as feather pens. They are called quill pens or feather pens for obvious reasons, in which the … Read more