Pilot the Better Ball Point Pen Review

This article is going to cover a Pilot the Better Ball Point Pen review – this pen is one of the top of the range on Amazon, so let’s find out what makes it so special!

This pen has numerous advantages; it is refillable and retractable, with a textured barrel to improve your grip and ensure maximum comfort when holding the pen. The pen also looks sleek and sophisticated, and the brand is known for producing superb quality.

It’s important to have a pen that suits you, especially if you do a lot of writing by hand, so let’s find out more about this option and what makes it so special.

Pilot The Better Ball Point Pen Review

Pilot’s The Better Ball Point Pen is a great writing tool for several reasons, including the fact that it has a super fine nib, only 0.7 mm wide. This is ideal for any detailed work or even just for creating beautiful script when you are writing. You’ll never find your letters running into each other, and your handwriting will suddenly look sophisticated and elegant.

The pack comes with 12 pens so you won’t run out in a hurry either, and they are black ink, making them perfect for a whole range of applications – from form-filling to outlining graphic design projects. No matter what you need, these pens will be suitable.

Pilot the Better ballpoint pen nib

They are made of plastic, which is a bit of a downside, but they are robust enough that it shouldn’t matter. The plastic helps to ensure that the pen is light and makes it nicer to hold, even if it isn’t commonly thought of as high-quality material. Personally, I prefer my pens to feel heavier (like the Zebra G-750), so I don’t think I would like using this pen every day.

The pens write beautifully and have a smooth flow that is skip-free, ensuring your lettering looks as good as possible on the page. They are also long-lasting and will not dry up too quickly, and the ink won’t smear or bleed, which is perfect if you do a lot of design work. Additionally, the high quality means the pens are unlikely to leak in your pocket or bag.

What Are The Top Features?

So, what stands out about this pen?

  • It’s retractable, so you’ve got no risk of losing the cap and having your pen dry up
  • It’s super high quality so it should last for a long time
  • It is pleasant to write with, with a smooth flow, and it doesn’t need excessive pressure to produce the lines
  • It has an ultra-fine 0.7 mm nib that will create gorgeous graphics and elegant writing
  • There’s a padded barrel around the grip to make it easier for you to hold the pen; this is plastic, rather than rubber, which gives you a better grip
  • It is made of strong plastic that generally won’t break even if you drop the pen
  • The nib is metal so it will stand up to a good amount of wear and tear
  • It’s slim so it will fit well into a pocket
  • It looks good and has stainless steel accents to add to the quality feel
  • It has a clear barrel so you can easily see how much ink is left and whether you need to have a refill handy
  • It has a clip to attach it to a shirt pocket so it’s always available when you need it
  • The ink dries very quickly so there is minimal risk of smudging or smears on your paper
  • There’s no need to scribble in order to get the ink to flow, and the flow is consistent so you’ll never need to go back and rewrite bits of your notes
  • The mechanism for retracting the pen is smooth and functions well, and it seems pretty robust so it shouldn’t break quickly

That’s a lot of great things, and if you’re looking for a pen for any occasion that doesn’t cost a fortune, this pack is certainly among the best you will find.

Is It Refillable?

Yes, these pens are refillable. Although there are 12 in the pack, you can also use refills to ensure that you aren’t wasting anything. This is great from an environmental perspective; rather than throwing plastic barrels into a landfill, with both plastic and metal mixed together, you can keep your pens for years.

You also don’t need to worry about your favorite pen disappearing, because you’ve got 12 of them! That’s plenty to keep you going, even if your colleagues or family members have a habit of borrowing them from you.

Is It Lightweight?

These pens are very light and comfortable to hold, even if you are writing for hours.

Because it is plastic with only a little metal, it’s lighter than many alternative pens, and this makes it ideal for tossing in a bag or a pocket, and great if you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnels, or any other pain in your hands. That said, it does require quite a firm grip, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

You can even use these pens for drawing if you like the aesthetic produced by a ballpoint, so that makes them a great option for artists and graphic designers. Because of the fine nib, you can use them to outline pictures and make lettering pop too.


So, to conclude our Pilot the Better Ball Point Pen review, this pack of 12 pens is a fantastic deal, offering a high-quality product that ticks all the boxes. It is lightweight, sturdy, and provides a smooth flow of ink. At 0.7 mm, it is not too thick, but should still create a clear line that is easy to read.

The fact that it’s retractable makes it ideal for people who often lose their pen lids, and overall, it’s an excellent product for anyone looking for great, refillable, affordable pens.

If you are interested in purchasing the Pilot The Better Pen you can get it at Amazon by clicking here.

PILOT Pen 30000 The Better Ball Point Pen Refillable & Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 12-Pack
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