rOtring 600 vs 800: Which Mechanical Pencil Should You Choose?

In the market for a new mechanical pencil? Can’t decide between the rOtring 600 or the rOtring 800?

Ultimately, deciding between the two pencils comes down to personal preference. After all, everybody has different handwriting styles and expectations. With that said, if you’re an on-the-go writer (or sketcher), you’re probably best off with the Rotring 800, as it has a retractable tip.

During this article, we’ll dive into the pens’ similarities and differences in detail before helping you choose the perfect Rotring for you. 

rOtring 600 vs 800: The Similarities

If you’re already an avid stationery lover, it probably is no surprise that the rOtring 600 and rOtring 800 aren’t all that different. The brand is the Rolls Royce of mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens, so you can guarantee a high-quality, luxurious writing performance regardless of the model you choose.

#1 The Hexagonal Barrel

The first notable similarity is the expertly designed hexagonal barrel — rOtring thought ahead during the design stages here!

The unique shape showcased on the 600 and 800 prevents it from accidentally rolling off tables once you put it down. Of course, this may sound like a minute detail, but it genuinely makes all the difference.

You want your pencil to stand the test of time, right? Well, the hexagonal barrel increases its usable lifespan as you won’t need to worry about damage from it rolling off your desk. 

#2 The Knurled Grip

If you’re now concerned about the hexagonal shape impacting your writing experience, don’t be. The closer you come to the nib, it turns into a cylinder, ensuring it’s pleasant — and more natural — to hold and use. 

The knurled (i.e., it has small ridges on its surface) texture also works to aid naturalness. And unlike less high-quality brands, it isn’t coarse. Instead, it’s organic and doesn’t irritate your skin over prolonged use.

While this might be a complete accident on rOtring’s part, we realized the knurled grip actually makes it fantastically usable in rainy conditions. The ridges ensure it doesn’t slip out of your hands, even if your fingers and thumbs are wet. 

#3 The Clicker

The clicker on both the rOtring 600 and the 800 models has one of the best functionalities and designs on the market. In fact, they even beat those on with jaw-droppingly high price tags! You can easily push more lead through the barrel with a simple click.

Although, the sound of the clicker differs — the 800 has a much softer click, whereas the 600 boasts a more definitive sound. Some people are bothered by loud clicks, so we thought it was worth a mention!

#4 The Writing Performance

We won’t go into too much detail here. Why? Because they’re both meticulously crafted by the mother of all mechanical pen makers, and thus, each writes wonderfully.

However, we’ll talk about balance and weight (i.e., the feel) in the differences section, which could sway you one way or another.

#5 The Eraser

The eraser in both the 600 and 800 is removable and replaceable. It works just as well as you’d expect!

rOtring 600 vs 800: The Differences

Okay, we’ve covered the similarities, so let’s jump right into the differences. 

#1 The Retractable Pipe

This is, by far, the most significant difference between these mechanical pencils.

The rOtring 800 has a retractable pipe that allows you to hide the nib within its casing while on the move. The mechanism works well and feels ultra-solid. It’s perfect if you like to travel with your pencil case or slip pencils straight into your pocket and don’t want to risk breaking the lead or poking yourself.

Conversely, you can’t retract the nib with the rOtring 600. Still, it has a stainless steel nib that houses the lead, which is notoriously robust. 

#2 The Weight, Length, and Width

The roughly 50% price increase of the rOtring 800 doesn’t stem only from the retractable capabilities. It mainly comes from the all-steel construction of the luxury 800.

rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm, Metal Pencil with Black Barrel, Drafting Pencil, Great Stocking Stuffer, Teacher Gift, or Christmas Gift for College Students
  • Unique "Twist and Click" retractable mechanism of the entire sleeve and lead: pocket safe + durability. Comes in a black...
  • Ergonomic metal barrel. Full metal body providing ideal balance of weight and feeling. Hexagonal barrel ensuring...
  • rOtring pencil technology. rOtring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement. Fixed lead guidance sleeve preventing...
  • Retractable mechanism for safety and durability
  • Comes in a black finish and holds 0.5 mm lead

The quality build ensures it feels much more solid than other mechanical pencils. It’s also slightly longer and broader than rOtring 600. However, it still manages to maintain a neutral balance — not overly weighted at the front or the back. 

However, if you don’t like wider pencils, you’ll prefer the 600. It’s shorter and slender, guaranteeing a perfectly balanced writing experience for those with smaller hands or who love lighter drawing utensils.

Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil 0.5 mm Black
  • Rotring pencil technology. Rotring brass mechanism for precision lead advancement. Fixed lead guidance sleeve preventing...
  • Ergonomic metal barrel. Full metal body providing ideal balance of weight and feeling. Hexagonal barrel ensuring...
  • Lead hardness grade indicator. For a rapid identification when working. Lead hardness grade indicator to identify and...
  • Lead hardness grade indicator to identify and adjust lead
  • Comes in a black finish and holds 0.5 mm lead

Which Rotring Mechanical Pencil Is Right For You?

In our opinion, the best Rotring mechanical pencil for you comes down to your travel — will you take your pencil everywhere with you? If so, we’d recommend opting for the Rotring 800, thanks to its retractable grip. 

Rotring 600 vs 800: Final Thoughts

As we said before, it all comes down to personal preference! But to ensure you get the right one, try out the Rotring 600 and 800 in person before purchasing. 

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