Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen Review

The Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen is popular for a wide range of reasons, and if you are thinking of purchasing one, you’ll want to know more about it. How does it write, and how does it look? Let’s find out!

The Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen is an immensely elegant fountain pen that is ideal for adding to your pen collection. It is comfortable to hold, easy to write with, and highly attractive, with tasteful accents and a subtle sparkle on the barrel. Don’t hesitate to make this part of your writing kit.

In this Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen review, we’re going to look at the pen’s quality, appearance, writing smoothness, and more. We will touch on its drawbacks and explore what it’s made of and how to refill it.

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What Is The Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen?

Four Seasons Sailor Fountain Pen

The Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen is a reasonably inexpensive fountain pen that combines great style with a low price point and still manages to offer a pen that is smooth and comfortable to write with. It provides:

  • A black ink cartridge for professional script
  • A 0.7 inch shaft diameter
  • A shaft length of 5.3 inches
  • A stainless steel, durable nib with a nickel-plated finish
  • A durable resin body that is comfortable to hold
  • A click-off cap
  • A 0.28 mm line size
  • Attractive engraving on the nib itself, which adds to the mystical feel of this pen
Sailor Four Seasons Pen
What’s included in the box

The pen weighs around 0.42 ounces, making it light enough to be held comfortably. The cap of the pen screws on, meaning you get a satisfyingly firm fit every time, and there is no risk of losing the cap. However, this does mean that you need to unscrew it before you can begin writing, so this pen isn’t as great for grabbing and scribbling.

Some people find that the pen is a little short for their preferences, but others find it very comfortable. If your hands are small, it is likely to feel better for you than if you have big hands, so bear this in mind when making your purchasing choice.

What Does The Fountain Pen Look Like?

Sailor Four Seasons Pen

If you are thinking about getting a Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen, you are probably already looking at this pen’s attractive and unusual aesthetic. At first glance, this pen looks like an ordinary black or navy writing implement, albeit a particularly attractive one, with its stylish silver accents.

However, when you look more closely, you start to see the sparkle on the barrel. The pen has been designed to look like the sky at night, with silver and gold glitter spread all around its surface. The effect is surprisingly attractive, and really does look like the sky at night, rather than just a pen with some glitter sprinkled in it.

These specks are subtle enough that the pen still looks highly professional, but they make it much more interesting and unique. If you are a fan of the night sky, this pen is the perfect option for you – and you can rest assured that it will pass in a classroom, a lecture hall, or even an office without any issues.

In terms of the accents, it has several silver accents on the cap, with the pocket clip and the base of the cap being silver, and a second silver band around the top of the cap. On the pen body itself, there is one loop of silver, which is covered up when the cap is in place.

This simplicity gives the pen a degree of elegance that is extraordinary. It might look simple at first glance, but that simplicity is its winning feature!

Does The Pen Write Smoothly?

Sailor Four Seasons Pen Writing

Of course, the most important thing to ask about any pen is how well it writes. After all, this is what you have purchased it for, and there’s no point in having a pen that does not write nicely. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to fountain pens, but there is no doubt that the Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen does write well.

The pen is lightweight, easy to hold, and comfortable in your hand. If you prefer heavy pens, you may find that it isn’t for you, but the pen’s lightness makes it better for long writing sessions, as your hand is less likely to get fatigued.

The nib is a Japanese fine (not an extra fine, so be aware of that), and will produce an elegant, smooth line. It does have some feedback, so if you enjoy writing in pencil, you may find that this is the ideal pen for you. If you prefer a smoother, lighter flow, you might feel that it drags, which may be less satisfying.

This drag is fairly standard for Sailor pens, so if you have used others made by this brand and liked them, you will probably like the Four Seasons. It is not exactly scratchy, but be aware that you will be able to feel this as you write, and don’t choose this pen if you want a nib that really glides.

Does It Have Refills?

This pen will take both cartridges and a converter, making it an excellent option regardless of your preferences. The converter does not come with the pen, so make sure you purchase one of these separately if you want to use one.

You cannot change the nib of the pen easily, so be aware of this if you were planning to exchange it. The stainless steel nibs that Sailor produces are not as widely seen in the USA as their gold nibs, and some people don’t like them as much.

How Much Does The Four Seasons Fountain Pen Cost?

Sailor Four Seasons Nib

For only around $35 on Amazon, this is a long way from being considered an expensive fountain pen, especially given how expensive some of these writing instruments can be at times. It is very affordable, which may go some way to explaining its popularity.

However, it doesn’t have the option to upgrade on certain aspects by paying more. The manufacturer doesn’t offer different colors, different platings, engraving, or anything else that will allow you to purchase a more unique and high-quality pen. You can simply buy the basic standard.

This may be disappointing for those who would be prepared to pay a bit more to have an unusual pen. If you wanted to purchase this as a gift or for a special occasion, you might feel let down by the lack of luxury options and prompted to look elsewhere.

Should You Give This As A Present?

If you are looking for a reasonably inexpensive gift, this pen may be an excellent choice. It is functional and fairly durable, with a resin body and stainless steel nib. It writes pretty well and is a great option for people with small hands, who prefer lighter and shorter pens.

It is certainly a pretty option, which makes it an attractive gift to give, and it combines quality with an amazing aesthetic.


The Sailor Four Seasons Fountain Pen is a good, budget option. Its flow isn’t perfect and some people dislike the way that it writes, but it is generally pretty good, and the appearance is faultless. For a reasonably cheap fountain pen, this is a superb choice.

Sailor 11-0500-249 Fountain Pen, Four Seasons Weave, Hisakata, Woshizu, Fine Point
  • The color theme is "Winter" and looks like Saekuru Night and starry weather
  • [Method] both cartridge and converter type / service cartridge included
  • Product Size: Shaft Diameter 0.7 inches (17.0 mm) x Shaft Length 5.3 inches (134 mm) / 0.4 oz (12.2 g)
  • [Features] The stars, shining in the dark blue night sky, are as clear as ice, are represented with gold and silver...
  • Nib: Stainless steel, nickel-plated finish; Lid, Body, Large Tip: PMMA resin

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