Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Refill Review

If you’re looking for an amazing refill for your pen, this Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Refill review is going to talk you through one of the top options on the market!

The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 enjoys immense popularity because of its good flow, bright colors, versatility, and smoothness. It is sold in medium and fine tip sizes, and you can choose between black and blue ink. The refills are often praised for being as smooth as rollerballs, with the technology of ballpoints.

These pens provide an excellent, reliable, and enjoyable writing experience, with smoothly flowing ink and deep, rich colors. Let’s find out what else makes people love them so much!

Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Refill Review

What’s Great About The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000?

There are a few key things that people look for in their pens: a smooth flow, strong coloring, lack of blotchiness, and no skipping. The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ticks all of these boxes, and offers the following benefits:

  • No need to put pressure on the pen to get a good, strong line of ink
  • No skipping or dragging
  • Minimal blotchiness
  • A great combination of rollerball and ballpoint technology to create the best of both worlds
  • Will write well on most surfaces
  • Doesn’t dry out too easily
  • Reasonably quick-drying ink as you’re writing
  • Can be used with both push pens and twist caps, so very versatile
  • High quality, stainless steel tip for durability

Many people describe the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 as a combination of the rollerball and the ballpoint, but you might be wondering what that actually translates to when you write with this pen. The answer is that you’ll get the advantages of the ballpoint (not drying up, writes well, dries quickly) and the advantages of the rollerball (dark, attractive line, smooth flow, no pressure).

Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Refill Review
The Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 and the rOtring 600 are a match made in heaven.

This combination makes the EasyFlow 9000 a particularly good option for anyone torn between these two kinds of pens and means that it leaves you with attractive text and bold lettering, without some of the disadvantages associated with rollerballs.

Some people do find that the ink doesn’t dry quite as fast as they expect while writing, but this comes down to personal preference to some degree, and others are happy with the experience. If you tend to touch the paper as you work, be aware that you might notice some smudging.

What Are The Disadvantages?

There are a few problems associated with the Schmidt EasyFlow of course, and they don’t work well if you have particularly small handwriting. The wet ink will almost inevitably get smudged as you try to work, leaving you with ugly smears on the paper. Many people with smaller-than-average writing find this frustrating.

Some people also experience issues with skipping, in spite of many great reviews that indicate these refills rarely skip. The issue usually starts after the pen has been used for a while, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to determine which refills are more likely to skip, so it isn’t possible to avoid a particular color or nib size.

Most EasyFlow 9000s write well in one direction, but if you alter your grip on the pen and change the angle, you may find that you get some dark lines and some faint ones, or that some strokes don’t result in a line at all. Some people find the refills stop working quite quickly – possibly as a result of a bad batch.

There are also some issues with the ink soaking through the page, which can be annoying if you wish to make notes on thin paper. Overall, however, most people love their EasyFlow 9000s and do not encounter these problems; most of them only appear to be intermittent issues.

What Are The Dimensions?

The EasyFlow 9000 is 9.8 cm long and 6 mm wide, and will fit into a variety of pens, including rOtring 600 ballpoints (my personal favorite), Kaweco Classics, Retro 51 Hex-O-Matics, and other Parker-style G2 refill pens.

These refills can be bought with either a fine nib or a medium one, with the medium tip being about 1 mm and creating a comfortably wide line. There used to be a broad nib, but this has been discontinued and is only available in certain niche places now. If you need a thicker nib, you’ll need to choose another brand.

The refill weighs about 28 grams, which isn’t bad for a metal refill, and shouldn’t make your pen heavy or uncomfortable to hold. You don’t need to put a cap on to avoid the pen drying out, as the refill has been designed for twist and push pens.


Hopefully, you have found this Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 Refill review has covered everything you need to know about these popular refills. Not everyone finds that they suit them, but most people love the unusual combination of the rollerball and ballpoint advantages, so it’s well worth trying them out.

If you are interested in purchase the EasyFlow 9000, you can purchase them from Amazon by clicking here.

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