Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy and satisfying writing utensil, look no further than the Bolt Action Pen from Tactile Turn.

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen is a great option for everyday carry. There are several options that make sure you can get the perfect pen for your needs, and features like the textured grip and metal bolt action improve the feel in your hands. The pen’s writing capabilities and ink compatibility ensure it gets the job done.

In this article, I will lay down the specifications and options you have with the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen. I will also explain our reasoning for recommending the pen, as well as any issues I see that may be a problem for some users.

About the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

tactile turn bolt action pen review
Titanium Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen started out as the Slider and Glider, opting for a new name and upgraded design in 2019. While the pen is pricier than some expect to dish out for a pen, it boasts superior quality and durability.

The Turn Bolt Action Pen comes in a variety of materials and lengths, ensuring you can create a pen that’s perfect for your preferences and situations. Add-on features like clip engraving make this the perfect gift, and anyone can benefit from the pen’s sturdy construction and optimization for fidget urges.

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen also offers a left-handed version so no one is left out of the many benefits the pen offers.


MaterialsTitanium; Copper; Bronze; Zirconium
LengthsStandard (5.6”); Short (5.1”); Mini (4.4”)
Add-OnsTitanium damascus bolt ($20); Clip engraving ($10)
Included InksPilot  G2 0.1mm (standard); Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium (short); Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm (mini)
Diameter0.43 inches
MechanismAll metal bolt action

What I Love About the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

tactile turn bolt action pen review

While the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen has a very simple design, every detail focuses on efficiency. I can recommend the pen comfortably because:

  • You have many options to choose from
  • The design focuses on expert craftsmanship and quality materials
  • The textured grip is not flashy or irritating
  • The pens are compatible with several ink cartridges
  • The action satisfies any fidget tendencies
  • It’s the perfect EDC pen

These factors show the superb craftsmanship and the company’s ability to evolve past the Slider and Glider model.


tactile turn bolt action pen review
Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen – Zirconium Source: Tactile Turn

You have several options with the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen, including 4 materials, 3 lengths, and 2 bolt options. Because none of the choices depend on each other, you do not need to compromise when creating the perfect writing tool.

The options allow you to create a pen perfect for:

  • Gift giving
  • Different styles
  • Lightweight carry

The option to engrave the clip is great for gifting, but you can also make sure everyone knows whose pen is in their hand.

The material options provide a similar metallic appearance, but they are not so similar that anyone feels left out. They also come at different weights, and you can customize the feel of the pen with a specific metal and pen length.


tactile turn bolt action pen review

There is no doubt that this pen is made from the highest quality materials. It is one of the highest quality machined pens you can buy. Not a single piece of plastic exists on the barrel or any mechanical features of the pen. The sturdy metal construction gives you a bit of weight to have faith in, but it’s not so heavy that wielding the pen is unbearable.

Another detail that nods at durability is the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen’s seamless construction. Combined with the textured grip, it’s difficult to note anywhere the pieces of the barrel unscrew. Everything fits together perfectly and you won’t hear any rattling as you fidget with the bolt action (as you would with older models).

Even before looking at performance, you already have a high-quality pen.

Textured Grip

Tactile Turn bolt Action Pen
The machined spiral grip on the pen

It’s difficult to lock down a grip that people will agree on, and this part of any pen is where you see opinion ‌divide.

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen features a subtle spiral design across its entire body. This is difficult to get in pictures but similar to a carbon fiber finish or the soft texture you see on stainless steel appliances.

The grip ensures you have a good hold on your pen, even if you have wet or sweaty hands, without overpowering your tactile sense. There are no rubber or latex components you may be allergic to, and you will not feel the texture even when gripping tightly.

Ink Cartridge Compatibility

Each pen size comes with a different ink cartridge, but you aren’t limited to these options for future refills. If you already know you don’t like a specific cartridge or you want to see what your options are, Tactile Turn offers a list of ink refills compatible with their pens.

This list also explains what cartridges will fit with modification, as well as the scope of the modification.

For example, the Standard Length Bolt Action comes with G2 0.7mm, but it’s compatible with options such as:

  • Caran D’ache Rollerball
  • Lamy M63
  • Pilot Acroball 0.5mm
  • Pentel Energel (with a 1mm trim)

My favorite type of ink is the parker-style g2 refills and I love the Schmidt Easyflow 9000, which the Short version comes with.

They even provide suggestions on how to find replacements for the Mini models using a 3D printed adapter.

Tactile Turn Titanium Pen
Taken apart to show included Schmidt Easyflow 9000 refill

The compatibility ensures you can find the perfect ink to use with your pen, and you are not limited to a specific replacement.

Everyday Carry

Any everyday carry pen should:

  • Be light enough that it won’t be a burden
  • Perform well in a variety of conditions
  • Hold up to consistent use

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen comes in a variety of weight options depending on the material you choose and the size of the pen. This may not seem like a major issue for all, but it helps you choose the right weight for consistent carry.

Standard1.3 oz2.3 oz2.0 oz1.7 oz
Short1.2 oz2.1 oz1.9 oz1.6 oz
Mini1.2 oz1.9 oz1.8 oz1.5 oz

The clip has a few issues to note, but it allows you to secure the pen as needed and feels nice. There’s no worry about it failing through daily carry.

Fidget Factors

The action is one of the most interesting features of the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen, and it does not disappoint. It’s strong and letting it slam into place rewards you with a satisfying audible response.

The newer model features a closed action slot where the old one was open, and it protects the integrity and appearance of the pen.

Where the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen Falls Short

The pen is close to perfect, but there are a few issues to note.

The robust clip is reliable, but it’s strong enough to wear out certain materials. You’ll need to pay attention if you use it in one area often, particularly thicker materials like pockets.

The bolt can also be too strong if you would rather avoid the awkward scenario where you let it slam down in the middle of a meeting, but most consider this part of the pen’s appeal.

Final Thoughts

The Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen is not the cheapest option, but you get your money’s worth in terms of quality, tactile response, and customization. As long as the textured grip and bolt action do not overstimulate your senses, the pen offers plenty of benefits.

Investing in the pen will not leave you unsatisfied, and you’ll likely have a reliable writing companion for years to come.

You can purchase the Titanium Bolt-Action pen by clicking here.

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